How To Counter Baptiste In Overwatch 2

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Overwatch 2 brought an immense amount of changes, but Baptiste still is a staple support pick. With vertical mobility unlike any other support, Baptiste pairs well with almost any traditional main tank and a number of flex tanks. If a Baptiste is a thorn in your side, here is how we'd recommend countering him in Overwatch 2.   

Counter Baptiste As DPS

    Pharah's Concussive Blast directly counters Immortality Field. You can't be invulnerable if you are not within its effective radius.  So long as you respect Baptiste's own individual damage, Pharah should be a good counter to this high-flying support.  Echo's Sticky Bombs are a solid counter to Baptiste as well. Not only will they often force out an early Immortality Field but they also destroy the lamp if it is already active.  However, much like Pharah, Echo must play corners well if the enemy Baptiste begins to track them.  Soldier: 76 might seem like an odd counter to Baptiste, but he brings some needed tools for the job.
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  Helix Rocket can burst down Immortality Field quite quickly.  His ability to hold a flank and consistently DPS can burn an early Immortality Field or an early Regenerative Burst.  This should be your go-to pick if you want something a little more offensive when looking to counter Baptiste.   

Counter Baptiste As Tank

    D.Va should be your go-to counter to Baptiste when looking from the tank's perspective.  Not only do you have the ability to deny healing with Defense Matrix, but Micro Missles do a great job of bursting down Immortality Field as well.  Even Baptiste's ultimate can be blanketed by D.Va giving your team a much-needed time to escape or reposition.  D.Va, 100%, lock her when dealing with Baptiste.  For two patches now, Orisa has seen incremental buffs and with her pickrate even breaching into the Overwatch League, it's time to take her seriously.  Orisa's numerous ways to dislodge people from Immortality Field's radius makes her an excellent counter to Baptiste.  If you're looking for something more mobile to tackle the man with the lamp, both Wrecking Ball and Doomfist are good options.  The name of the game when countering Baptiste in Overwatch 2 is displacement and both these dive heroes bring that in spades.  Lean in this direction if you've got a flanking partner or are comfortable with these heroes.   

Counter Baptiste As Support

    Ana will never be a bad anti-support threat. Not because she kills them outright, but because she brings a consistent way to limit the healing done.  Biotic Grenade is an impact maker and is a quick way to either net your team a kill or force out Immortality Field.  If displacement is going to be king in dethroning Baptiste, then Lucio should be a guaranteed counter.  We do have to keep in mind that Baptiste isn't going to be the target of our ire but his teammate will be.  If we boop Baptiste off high-ground positions, he can easily jump back up.  However, if we were to shove someone else, especially a low target outside of Immortality Field, then you're presenting your team with a new target.  Brigitte also is a great choice for countering Baptiste as well.  Whip Shot can shove enemies outside of Immortality Field and her personal shield can protect herself against his individual damage.  Baptiste requires a clear line of sight, so Brigitte is a dual threat. She can shove him or his allies around mitigating his total healing. Brigitte is a great choice if you're trying to counter Baptiste in Overwatch 2. 
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