How To Counter Soldier: 76 In Overwatch 2

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How are you supposed to counter Soldier: 76 in Overwatch 2?  With the removal of the second tank, who is supposed to keep Soldier: 76 under wraps?  With his recent buffs to his primary fire, his Helix Rockets and his sustainability, Soldier: 76 should be seeing an increase in play. So, how do you stop him?    

Counter Soldier: 76 As DPS 

  A mark of a good Soldier: 76 is how they rotate around often and under pressure from multiple angles.  This makes Overwatch 2 heroes that can rapidly follow him and match his aggression are going to thrive.  Heroes like Tracer on flat maps and Genji on more vertical maps do well at countering that aspect of Soldier: 76.  The goal is both to quickly eliminate Soldier: 76 and to limit how much damage up-time.  Long-range hit scans are a bit of a gamble, but Hanzo in particular provides something that almost no one else does.  If we agree that Soldier: 76 can flank quite a bit, Sonic Arrow allows your team to shift its resources to quickly counter him.  Plus, you might just be able to hit a quick headshot and eliminate him quickly as Soldier: 76 peaks out from cover.   

Counter Soldier: 76 As Tank

    D.Va worked in Overwatch 1 to counter Soldier: 76 and she's just as good now.
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  Not only is she mobile and can limit his input with Defense Matrix, but D.Va can even eliminate a Soldier: 76 if he's not careful.  More poke-oriented tanks like Ramattra and Sigma work well to counter Soldier: 76 as well. Both tanks can place their barriers in front of the Soldier: 76  as he orbits the fight.  This not only counters him but also can remove other sightlines from other enemy targets.  Ramattra also brings Ravenous Vortex that can hamper Soldier: 76's movement speed.  Sigma on the other can answer Soldier: 76's flanks with Accretion. If you're looking for a more mobile option, Wrecking Ball does well in Soldier: 76.  Not only is Wrecking Ball tanky enough to withstand Soldier: 76's damage output, but can also match his speedy rotations.  Better yet, a well-placed Mine Field can limit Soldier: 76's avenues of attack.  Not too often do you get a tank that can displace enemy DPS as well, Wrecking Ball is a great option!  

Counter Soldier: 76 As Support

  Lucio is inherently very strong at countering Soldier: 76. The fact that he can, on-demand, help his team rotate around the Soldier: 76's flanks cannot be understated.  But, if Soldier: 76 is raining damage from a high ground position, then Lucio can shove him away or, even better, boop him to the low ground.  And Sound Barrier is a great counter to Tactical Visor as well, definitely a win-win! Baptiste is a great passive option if you're goal is to attempt to support your team through his damage potential. Using his jump to reposition himself quickly and using Immortality Field to quickly save an ally, Baptiste can keep Soldier: 76's impact low. While the world may hate this, Lifeweaver might also provide some of the same benefits that Baptiste does. On the lower end, Ana does give you some agency in countering Soldier: 76. However, it is difficult to consistently land her Sleep Dart with how mobile he can be.  The flip side is that you force Soldier: 76 to respect that cooldown, especially if he was looking to use Tactical Visor. 
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