How To Counter Bastion In Overwatch 2

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Every game has a Bastion. Overwatch 2 has shaken things up but Bastion remains. How do you tackle this mechanical terror? How do you counter Bastion? The key is cooldown tracking.   Configuration: Assault is what makes Bastion so intimidating. But with its 12-second cooldown, there is ample time to punish the enemy Bastion. Most Bastion players are very quick on the trigger and will jump into their tank form at the slightest hint of pressure.  Let's leverage this! Peak around the corner, see if you can bait out Bastion's Configuration: Assault, then back away.  Bastion's tank form only lasts 6 seconds. Waiting a few seconds before diving into the enemy will significantly increase your chances of winning the incoming team fight.  On top of that, fighting into Configuration: Assault also means you have to battle into Bastion's passive, Ironclad. This gives Bastion 20% damage reduction while transformed.  Starting to see the connection? For lack of a better term, Bastion is a "one-button" hero. Once Configuration: Assault has been used, Bastion is a sitting duck. So now that we know the "how" now we need to look at "who" counters Bastion in Overwatch 2.    


  We've all used Genji's Deflect to pummel a Bastion during Overwatch 1 and that really hasn't changed all that much in Overwatch 2.  Sombra and Tracer feel like the normal counters people will want to gravitate towards. With the ability to quickly dash in and escape before Bastion can connect, most mobile heroes are going to be sought out.  Being able to shift the Bastion around, make them reposition before they use Configuration: Assault, those flanking heroes are your go-to counters.
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If projectile heroes are not your style, being able to out-range Bastion is an effective way to counter him as well. Widowmaker, Ashe, and Sojourn should be your go-to if you want to counter Bastion.  


  Your tanks are going to shoulder most of the burden when trying to counter Bastion. Remember how we talked about Bastion's having a quick trigger finger on Configuration: Assault? That is going to primarily be leveraged by your tank player. Being able to sustain and not "lock-into" position is going to be the ideal situation.  Tanks like Reinhardt, Wrecking Ball, and Ramattra should be your first choices if a Bastion is ruining your games. Top of the list is Wrecking Ball. Not only has Overwatch 2's most cuddle tank recently been buffed, but Wrecking Ball's agility is ideal for countering Bastion. Ramattra "feels" a little too slow but with Nemesis Form's Block ability, you can either push through Configuration: Assault or use it to retreat.  In general, Ramattra's kit feels very flexible in the Bastion matchup. Sure, he can't yank the Bastion down, but with his barrier and his block? Ramattra does well for himself.  Another play you could make is to lock D.Va. This does require you to play fairly conservatively with her Defense Matrix. You need all the charge you can muster to blanket Bastion's Configuration: Assault. That leaves Reinhardt, who we'll fight for as a counter to Bastion. So long as you play around corners well and manage your shield health, Reinhardt grants your team the coverage to pressure the Bastion.  Let's be clear, the shield isn't going to clear a full mag dump from a Configuration: Assault. That isn't the idea. You can cut in towards the end or protect your team long enough to reposition.   


  Supports, oddly enough provide some necessary coverage to counter Bastion. Heroes like Brigitte and Lucio give your team some helpful displacement if Bastion is controlling the high ground. Lucio's Speed Boost can also assist your team in quickly repositioning to counter the Configuration: Assault.  Kiriko and Baptise can save a teammate in a pinch. Baptise's Immortality Field can be enough to help a teammate clear a corner while also providing some serious healing throughput. Kiriko does the same! Try to avoid immobile support heroes like Zenyatta and Ana. This is going to put a ton of pressure on your positioning. That next to heavily leaning on your tanks for cover could be a recipe for disaster.
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