How To Counter Sombra In Overwatch 2

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Feel like someone's watching you as you roll out of King's Row? It's probably because someone is. Sombra is a tricky DPS to get a read on and in the right hands, she can become infuriating to play against. So, how does one counter Sombra in Overwatch 2? Read our guide on how to counter Sombra in Overwatch 2. The key, weirdly enough, is access to ways to de-cloak the Sombra. Overwatch 2 gave Sombra the ability to Hack from stealth. This, on top of the damage amplification that Hack now gives to her, makes her stealth that much more important to her kit.  The sneaky part that is often overlooked for Sombra's stealth is the information it provides her team. Knowing how to approach each and every team fight, knowing where you're positioning, and even what you're about to do makes the game difficult, to say the least.  All of these facets topped on one another means that the faster we de-cloak the Sombra, the faster you can counter her.  Here is our recommendation on how to counter Sombra in Overwatch 2.     DPS   Hanzo is a unique hero in Overwatch 2 as he's the only character that can consistently gain information outside of Sombra. Sonic Arrow not only is something the enemy Sombra has to avoid or risk getting her stealth popped.   Tracer not only can mark the enemy Sombra and match her mobility, but she can hunt down her Translocator as well. Sombra's teleport is tied to a direct location, so being able to chase her down after she quickly exits the fight is imperative.  Junkrat or Soldier: 76 both can spam down choke points and make it difficult for the Sombra to approach. Again as long as we can reveal the Sombra before she terrorizes our backline the faster we can counter her.  Junkrat's general spam makes it difficult for Sombra to path safely, on top of that a well-placed Steel Trap further cuts down her movement. Soldier on the other hand is simply a safe pick into Sombra. A point-blank Helix Rocket as she un-stealths sends Sombra running scared. 76's healing station provides him with some staying power to duel the Sombra. And his ability to reposition quickly means she doesn't have a ton of time to try and DPS him down.
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Tank   D.Va. D.Va. D.Va.  If you run into a Sombra one-trick and need a way to slow her down a bit, pick D.Va and spam your primary fire all over the place. Thank us later.  There is a large fall off of tanks that counter Sombra, but any tank that is going to have access to either a large sum of armour or ways to pop her stealth is ideal. Sigma, Ramattra, and even Zarya to some degree feel good as a counter to Sombra.  Tanks to avoid: anyone that is highly dependent on cooldowns. While Sombra isn't as bad as she once was, having a brief interruption on someone like Doomfist or Wrecking Ball isn't helping you.  How To Counter Sombra In Overwatch 2

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Support   Supports tend to be easier prey for Sombra to harass. However, there are a few heroes that can assist your team in a pinch.  While she doesn't have the best range in the game, Brigitte can clog choke points that Sombra will often use to flank your team.  Moira brings ample mobility to reposition if Sombra finds her in the backline while also providing some serious healing throughput.  Heroes you're going to want to avoid are supports that are a little too immobile. Zenyatta is a big target that Sombra can easily Hack, track and one-clip. Mercy, if hacked, can get her wings clipped which can be a little disorienting.
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