How To Counter D.Va In Overwatch 2

How To Counter D.Va In Overwatch 2

EsportsHeaven 2023-03-08 12:00:36

D.Va. We all know her and we all love to hate her. With Overwatch 2's move to solo tank lineups, the community at large expected D.Va to be the first tank to be eliminated from pro and even ranked play. How wrong we were. So, you're looking for some advice to hamstring one of the faces of Overwatch 2? Here is how to counter D.Va in Overwatch 2!     DPS   Do not tunnel the supports. Keeping D.Va's Defense Matrix low and her on her back foot should be your goal. This makes Tracer an easy recommendation. Tracer can easily keep up with whatever D.Va wants to do, keep her Defense Matrix low, while also giving you a free target to farm your Pulse Bomb.  Sombra, for similar reasons, is also a great way to mark and counter a D.Va. Easy Hack target, big hitboxes to farm EMP, Sombra's dream matchup.  However, you do need to play with your team or within sight of your team. If the enemy D.Va is on her mark, she'll be quick to spam out our stealth leaving you quite vulnerable.  Aim for short side flanks, not an entire five-chapter adventure to their backline.  Symmetra is not terrible either. Yes, we understand you think we're trolling but we have to remember: D.Va can't block beam weapons. This means D.Va is going to have a rough time trying to initiate dives on our supports when we just beam her mech-suit down.  And with how quickly you'll end up building ultimate charge, saving Photon Barrier for D.Va Self Destruct is an easy counter.
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Tank   Zarya. Pick Zarya. If Zarya is even remotely playable and the map is fairly flat, just lock Zarya. Beam weapons are just going to farm the D.Va, force her out of the mech and keep her from diving your team's stack. This is going to juice your damage numbers and keep Zarya at an astronomically high charge because D.Va also can't help but spam.  If those conditions are not met, displacement and crowd control are your friends. Sigma is a strong contender here against D.Va due to his rock. D.Va has to respect and keep Sigma's crowd control in mind before diving face-first into your backline. Self Destruct gets covered by his barrier and Micro Missle is answered with Kinetic Grasp. Sigma does well against D.Va so long as he manages his cooldowns.  Orisa is probably our next choice if we're still stumped. Orisa's kit just has everything we need to interrupt and delay the D.Va and her dive compatriots. If the D.Va boosters are in then we answer with spear. If we're the target, we have Fortify. If a dive does land, we can spin away the D.Va and keep her under wraps.    Support   High DPS helps to keep D.Va's resources and options low. With that in mind, Baptiste and Kiriko should be your go-to's when aiming to counter D.Va.  Both provide a strong DPS primary fire that is going to keep the D.Va honest in her approach while gifting their teammates some windows of reprieve against the D.Va's aggression.  Landing clutch Immortality Fields and holding onto Protection Suzu for as long as humanly possible are your outs here.  Zenyatta is going to be quite strong against D.Va but the matchup tends to feel like a double edge. While Discord Orb is going to ruin D.Va's day, if she rotates well enough along with a flanker, Zenyatta is an easy dive target. This one is much more map and team dependent, but strong nonetheless.
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