How to counter sojourn in overwatch 2

How To Counter Sojourn In Overwatch 2

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Since her release in Overwatch 2, Sojourn has been a problem. Mobility? Check. Lethal one-shot potential? Check.  What can't Sojourn do? Well, we're here to provide solutions. How do you counter Sojourn in Overwatch 2?     DPS   A quick tip: aim to either out-range Sojourn or out-move her. This means heroes like Widowmaker or Tracer are going to shine. Widowmaker, so long as her spacing is good, should never be threatened by the Sojourn. This allows you to keep the Sojourn moving thus cutting off her sightlines.  Let's say the map doesn't allow for playing the "range" card, so look to play more agile heroes to keep her pressured. Sombra, Tracer, and even Genji on maps with verticality. These will keep the Sojourn burning cooldowns and aiming at you, rather than your supports.  Earning an early Power Slide from the Sojourn makes her an extremely good dive target, which also plays into our hero choice!
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Tank   For tanks, your goals are to remain agile or otherwise play aggressively. Sojourn is going to have a sight-line advantage on you, especially if she's on defence. There is simply too much high-ground to cover on most maps to keep her limited.  So we have to either match that mobility or rush her down. Winston, Wrecking Ball, and even Doomfist are great at creating or capitalizing on windows of low resources. Winston is a bit high commitment but is great support if your team is having trouble dealing with clearing corners. That added barrier always is a help and if you're DPS can open a window, your follow-up will always net a kill. Wrecking Ball and Doomfist are a little "all-in" but put the Sojourn under the gun. Displacing her Power Slide or even catching her out of position could just net your team a kill. Both picks provide lethality that Sojourn is going to have to respect.  If you're more inclined - or the map is more inclined - to rush the enemy Sojourn down, shoot for a Reinhardt or Oirsa.  Reinhardt can walk down the enemy Sojourn and by just his sheer presence in melee proximity, she'll be forced to move. This opens up quite a few different avenues for your team to play off of. Do you chase her now that she doesn't have her slide? With that window of safety, do we target a swap?  Orisa has to be a little more accurate but the same goals still apply. Spear Sojourn in the face, force her back and to sit in cover. If she even gives you the opportunity, burn your own cooldowns and rush her down. Again, the key here is to be proactive! We don't want to let the Sojourn continuously build Rail Gun charge off us just floundering in a choke, unsure of what to do.  If you're picking Reinhardt or Orisa, you have to engage!   Support   This is all tied to what lane your tank player took. You should look to play that lane as well.  Kiriko and Lucio should be easy go-to picks if your tank went to match Sojourn's mobility. Kiriko still remains almost too good not to play, but she'll also synergize with how fast your tank is playing. Keeping up with them by shifting through walls and maintaining line of sight while also providing some not-so-subtle DPS.   Lucio echoes those same strengths while also opening up some displacement tools. These should be used either to keep her from the high ground or to interrupt the direction of her Power Slide. On the flip side, let's say we're rushing her down. Lucio still remains quite strong but picks like Brigitte and Baptiste open up.  Baptise is going to not only provide huge healing uptime, but Immortality Field is going to be a lifesaver once your tank begins to get targeted. Brigitte's entire kit loves to be in proximity of a target so if she can be escorted to the enemy's stack you're in the money. Keep the Inspire rolling and toss out an occasional Whip Shot to keep the Sojourn repositioning. We hope you found the answer to the question: How to counter Sojourn in Overwatch 2?
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