How To Counter Echo In Overwatch 2

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Echo can be one of the most frustrating heroes in Overwatch 2 to deal with. With her high mobility, subtly high lethality, and range she can feel oppressive, especially if your team isn't all that coordinated. Looking for some anti-Echo advice? Here is how we'd counter Echo in Overwatch 2.  
  Say you've just gotten out of a ranked game with an Echo decimating the lobby. You probably also just got done listening to your teammates droning on about how you "need a hitscan" to deal with her. While they're not inherently wrong, "need" is a strong word. Echo, like other members of the Overwatch 2 roster, is highly balanced by her cooldowns. This means that if we can create easy ways to force the Echo to use her cooldowns, she is much more manageable.  With that in mind, we're going to go out of the box for this first one.  DPS Torbjorn meets our need perfectly. His turret either keeps the Echo grounded, which is a win for us, or is an easy target for her Sticky Bombs. That trade is amazing for us, especially when we remember that her Focusing Beam does four times more damage to targets below 50% HP. Limiting the way or how much damage she can do by simply picking a hero is impressive.  While a hitscan isn't needed from your DPS, it certainly doesn't hurt.
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Solider: 76 for instance counters Echo well. Not only does he keep her grounded, but his sprint allows him to match whichever direction she attempts to come from. Cassidy meets a lot of those same criteria but needs some high ground to control to meet the exact same package.  The goal for DPS should be to pick something that is going to both match her mobility but also find a way to limit her cooldowns. So picks like Widowmaker and Ashe are difficult to make work. Yes, they can find a few headshots, but they also make great targets for Sticky Bombs and Focusing Beams.  Tanks This is really where you can hamstring Echo's verticality and one of the best ways through Sigma. Accretion simply being off cooldown is enough to put the fear of god into an Echo worth their salt. Alongside a premier crowd control ability, Sigma can also just shove his shield in her face and quiet Echo down altogether.  While it feels enticing to insta-lock Roadhog, we'd recommend against it. Yes, landing a Chain Hook is an easy counter to Echo, but that gambit goes both ways. God forbid you miss and now she's got a Focusing Beam placed on your head as you're trying to Take A Breather at 30% HP. Not a good look.  Instead, we'd suggest taking a look at D.Va. Not only does she bring a way to deny the Echo her cooldowns but D.Va also can match Echo's mobility. Defense Matrix should be saved for Sticky Bombs and keeping your boosters for Echo's Flight is an easy enough flow chart to follow.  Support Kiriko's Protection Suzu is easily one of the best ways to make an Echo tilt off the planet. Normally, one of the big combos Echo will go for is landing a fair amount of Sticky Bombs and dive on the target with Focusing Beam. If we can just erase the bombs with our Protection Suzu, now she's left out of position and primed for getting cleaned up. Much in that same way, Baptiste also deals with Echo well. Immortality Field, much like we mentioned before, eats up an expensive cooldown from Echo and really hampers her damage. Plus you're also a great option to clip her wings as well, a couple of headshots and she'll be calling for her Mercy.  While she doesn't do as good of a job, Ana has to be recommended as well. With her offensive potential and Sleep Dart, Ana can really keep the enemy Echo grounded, which makes everyone's lives so much easier. However, be warned, with how immobile Ana is, you're also a good target for the Echo to dive. As long as you keep your distance though, you should be golden. 
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