How To Counter Tracer In Overwatch 2

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  She's in your backline, harassing your supports. She's camping your DPS, they're stuck in spawn. There is or at the very least has been a Tracer in your Overwatch 2 game that has given you trouble. Here is how you counter Tracer in Overwatch 2.  
  Dealing with Tracer is more about positioning more than anything else. If you have a choice between low and high ground, the latter not only gives you better sightlines but it also limits Tracer's movement options. Controlling where she can pressure you from is the key to countering one of Overwatch 2's most lethal DPS.  DPS If we agree that Tracer is more likely to float on the outskirts and the sides of a team fight, what we can do is chose heroes that can plug those holes. In that way, Cassidy and Soldier: 76 are solid options.  76 has subtle mobility, allowing him to reposition to stymie her flank routes. He also can stand and trade with Tracer thanks to his Biotic Field and Helix Rockets.  And while he doesn't have his Flashbang anymore, Cassidy is a potent counter to Tracer if you're up for the task. Magnetic Grenade nearly forces the Tracer to use her Recall if it sticks and Combat Roll is a nice positional tool to keep your distance.  For those a little more projectile DPS-focused, Pharah or Echo are good options as well. This is due to their ability to simply create distance the Tracer can simply not contest with. This removes targets from the board which inherently controls where she can look, thus giving you an information advantage.  Tanks With such high mobility, Tracer becomes difficult for tanks to deal with, however, there are some choices that provide better coverage than others. Winston would be our de-facto answer to most flanking threats, including countering Tracer. His mobility, ease of use, and mitigation are all strong positions for locking down a Tracer that is running away with the lobby.  D.Va makes a great counter to Tracer as well. With the ability to quickly maneuver the battlefield to answer Tracer's dive attempts while also providing on-demand cover with Defense Matrix, D.Va can be a great answer. However, don't stray too far forward as she can be quite a strong target for Tracer to farm her ultimate.  Remember: positioning over everything!
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Characters you're going to want to stay away from are slow, directional tanks like Reinhardt and Sigma. The more she can harass you and have you move your shield around to attempt to mitigate her pressure, the more her team pelts yours.  Doomfist is exceptionally difficult into Tracer as well. Just her mere presence makes Doomfists engages windows that much shorter and more punishing. It'd be best to stay away.  Orisa feels very neutral, but with high upside for skilled players. If you can read where the enemy Tracer is or has Recalled from, a well-placed spear can send her packing. Plus, Tracer's primary fire is terrible into armoured targets, so you should be clear to focus on the frontline.  Support Supports are where Tracer tends to focus her time pressuring and thus these are where countering her are going to really play a large factor. Brigitte is the best option here. If you're positioned well and paired with a high throughput support like Ana or Baptiste, Brigitte can solo mark an enemy Tracer and likely force her to swap heroes.
Shield Bash to force a duel, Whip Shot to shoo her away, and a free target to trigger Brigitte's passive? Yes, please. We'll take this every day of the week.  Next to her are heroes like Ana, Kiriko and Baptiste.  Biotec Grenade alone can force a Tracer to hover her hand over recall, plus you have the added chance of Sleep Dart. Just knowing that Sleep Dart is off cooldown is enough to keep a skilled Tracer questioning and keeping her distance. Kiriko not only can hold her own in a duel, she has a great escape option, high HPS, and a way to negate Pulse Bomb. She's fun and a great option to counter Tracer. In a similar way, Baptiste has quiet damage. You don't really notice it, but if given the chance, he can put up some serious numbers. Pair that with the flexibility of Immortality Field for dive attempts or even Pulse Bomb along with the ability to super jump and you've got a great matchup. 
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