How To Counter Kiriko In Overwatch 2

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Since her debut during the last few seasons of 2022, Kiriko has been a welcome mainstay of Overwatch 2 support cast. With an ultimate that makes any engagement difficult and with incredibly unique utility, many fans are left wondering; how do you counter Kiriko? Here are a few tips, we would recommend!   

Counter Kiriko As DPS

    If the enemy Kiriko is more aggressive, Cassidy counters Kiriko quite nicely with his new Magnetic Grendade Not only is Cassidy good at dropping down tanks, but his presence alone keeps Kiriko in check.  In a more subtle way of countering Kiriko, Mei's ability to alter terrain could force her to burn her Swift Step early.  Isolating her as she steps forward with Mei's Ice Wall quickly pushes her back toward her team.  Characters with a good deal of AoE damage will also counter Kiriko in an indirect way. Pharah, Junkrat, and even Echo prey on the fact that Kiriko can't keep up with multi-target damage.  Avoid DPS characters with abilities and ultimates that provide status effects like Tracer and Ashe. Protection Suzu's cleansing abilities simply should be avoided. 
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  As Kiriko tends to want to flank or play alongside dive tanks, try and also avoid DPS picks that are stationary. The last thing you want to do is get dove and blown up.   

Counter Kiriko As Tank

    Orisa is a juggernaut who can shrug off Kiriko's damage potential but also keep her honest with her positioning. Energy Javelin keeps Kiriko on the deepest flanks imaginable. Orisa also can push out her own damage to be quite lethal.  In a similar way, Junker Queen provides a similar profile to counter Kiriko.  Jagged Knife forces Kiriko to respect Junker Queen's ability to force her to be out of position.  Even if the knife is tossed Kiriko's way, landing the ability on her allies is an easy way to bait out Protection Suzu, opening some room for your DPS to shine.  Our suggestion would be to avoid, more immobile tanks that could be pressed by Kiriko's ability to play flanks.  Even at the professional level, Kiriko and Ana have been a pairing we've seen quite a bit.  Being able to stay mobile and rotate around the Kiriko's sightlines is going to hamstring her severely.  Not just because her damage is limited, but her view of her teammates will also likely be skewed as well.   

Counter Kiriko As Support

    Kiriko is one of the only supports that you should try and avoid picking Ana as an answer. Protection Suzu's ability to cleanse Biotec Grenades' offensive debuff is a natural counter to one of Ana's biggest calling cards.  Instead, try Illari on for size. Fighting fire with fire, Illari can not only match Kiriko's flanking habits but also multitask with Healing Pylon.  Being able to heal herself, and her team, while also dealing with a flanking threat? Yes, please.  Another way to handle her is to out-tempo her and that's where something like Mercy or Moira come up as counters.  If Kiriko, or her team, find an early pick, Mercy's ability to resurrect someone automatically makes it twice as hard for her aggression to find value.  On the other hand, Moira is going to challenge her to a raw healing debate, one where Kiriko is going to be put into a sticky situation.  She'll either have to find immediate success offensively or attempt to duel your Moira as a pure healbot. Any waffling is going to put her team at a stark disadvantage.
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