How To Counter Lucio In Overwatch 2

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We've all been there: how do you counter Lucio in Overwatch 2? A ranked Overwatch 2 lobby with the most devious Lucio ace. The most annoying thing this side of a smurfing Tracer.  Some Lucio one-trick who has seen one too many rollout guides and who is a T3 sub to r/LucioMains is running your ranked lobby--what do you do? Try a few of these tips when Lucio takes over your next Overwatch 2 lobby.  

Counter Lucio As DPS

  Cassidy with his new Magnetic Grenade will counter any reddit Lucio in their tracks.  Gone are the days of Lucio wall-riding around your tank and harassing your supports.  With Magnetic Grenade's new "Hinderance" ability, it should put the brakes on Lucio and send him plummeting to his certain demise.  As Lucio facilitates his team by increasing their movement speed, his natural counter has to be someone that plays his foil.  Luckily, Overwatch 2 has Mei.  Not only can Mei slow her target but Ice Wall creates impassible terrain for most of the cast.  Weirdly enough, Junkrat plays well at hamstringing a more aggressive Lucio player.
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  If the goal is to counter a Lucio that is taking over your game, removing him from the wall is going to be first priority.  And with 2 Concussion Mines at his disposal to dislodge him, Junkrat can be a pain for Lucio to deal with.   

Counter Lucio As Tank

    Both Winston and D.Va bring solid toolkits to the table when countering Lucio.  Winston not only has the mobility to match Lucio but also can pressure him from range with his alternate fire.  D.Va on the other hand has a much harder time being displaced once she chooses to engage and brings more close-quarters lethality.  Either one works, just pick based on the map! Sigma has a tool that will keep even the most mobile Lucio's on their toes.  With Overwatch 2's CC pruning, Sigma having an on-demand stun is very strong.  And in the case of countering one of the most agile heroes in the game--well, we think you get it. Throw rock, hit frog-man, frog-man die.  If you load into a more enclosed map that does allow for more mobile tanks but also features an environmental threat, Orisa isn't a bad shout.  The fact that Fortify will stop Lucio from being able to shove you around while also granting you increased defenses is a huge help. On top of that, being able to javelin him either as he skates in or off a wall can net your team a quick kill if you're adept enough.   

Counter Lucio As Support

    Ana bringing one of the only other card CC abilities outside of the tank cast makes her a go-to pick when countering Lucio.  Even past that, Ana can hold her own in a duel and still brings other ways to limit Lucio's rather low on-demand healing output.  The one thing we'd advise is to watch your positioning.  If the enemy Lucio feels like you're being greedy and can knock you off your sniper's perch, he's going to bee-line straight for you.  Brigitte likely won't be able to find too much value on Lucio with her Rally stun, but being able to Whip Shot a Lucio on cooldown is fantastic.  Not only does it keep your Inspire rolling, but it keeps Lucio having to reroute and hook back onto the wall.  In a strange twist of fate, Lifeweaver actually brings a lot of answers to a more aggressive Lucio play style.  If your teammate is booped off the map, a quick Life Grip saves them If your teammate is booped off the high ground, Petal Platform brings them back to safety.  Lifeweaver keeps your team rooted and in key positions far longer than any other support would. Plus, he has his own damage output and defensive cooldowns to swat Lucio away.  While the pro-scene may not care for him, Lifeweaver might just bring what you need to counter Lucio. 
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