How To Counter Moira In Overwatch 2

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Moira has always been one of Overwatch 2's go-to supports. Whether you get auto-filled to support or just need someone to heal-bot, Moira is almost never a bad choice in Overwatch 2. However, if you needed to, how would you counter Moira in Overwatch 2?  Here's our guide on how to counter Moira in Overwatch 2!

How To Counter Moira As DPS

    While it may tilt you drawing her on your team, the fact remains; DPS Moira's happen. The rather frail, throughput healer of Overwatch 2, can be seen flanking from time to time.  Keeping her from terrorizing your supports can be a little difficult with how quickly Fade can be off cooldown.  Cassidy being able to limit movement abilities with his new Magnetic Grenade is invaluable. Past that, his burst damage plays well within Moira's consistent healing output.  Speaking of hitscan, Overwatch 2 heroes like Widowmaker, Hanzo, and Sojourn provide a similar damage profile.  Moira's healing is all consistent and she lacks any form of burst healing. That makes these long-range hitscan threats that much more lethal.  A quick headshot from Widowmaker or hitting a big rail with Sojourn can either win you the fight outright or put Moira's resources on edge.  Taking the fight to Moira, Reaper can be a dual threat and a great way to counter Moira.  Not only is his damage per second going to shred tanks, but Reaper can force out Moira's Fade quite easily if left unchecked.  Being able to flex between two different targets or styles is valuable. Reaper should not be overlooked.   

How To Counter Moira As Tank

    While Moira does have impressive healing per second at close range, she has a difficult time with anything outside of that. Biotic Orb fills that gap. And to counter that picks like D.Va and Sigma step in nicely. D.Va not only is going to have the mobility to stay on Moira even post-Fade, but, if played well, her burst damage can sneak past Moira's direct healing.  Sigma operates on the flip side of that coin. He isn't going to be able to follow Moira during Fade, but his stun will certainly punish any form of mispositioning.  These two picks are going to serve you well when aiming to counter Moira.  Again, if we follow the logic from our DPS recommendations, Doomfist counters Moira well.  Not only is he able to displace his target, but when he connects, it's about as bursty as a tank is going to get.  In that same vein, Roadhog isn't terrible either but that definitely is more map-dependent. Last but certainly not least, Junker Queen is going to ruin a Moira's day.  Jagged Knife is a great follow-up to a more defensive Fade.  Commanding Shout is going to cover your team as the enemy, and Moira, push in as a unit.  And Rampage is literally going to make Moira useless as she really only heals when compared to her peers. If the queen is viable, and you need to counter a Moira, lock it in.   

How To Counter Moira As Support

  How To Counter Moira In Overwatch 2   As we said with Junker Queen, Moira just heals. Her throughput is very high, but she doesn't bring much else to the table.  That being said, Ana should be the go-to counter to shut down the enemy Moira.  The uptime of Biotic Grenade is too high to pass up while still providing a strong supportive kit. Illari is going to almost mirror some of the DPS attributes we listed while also nearly rivalling Moira in healing per second. Being able to headshot someone is going to send the Moira spiraling.  And if your team stick around by your Healing Pylon, you won't be outpaced by Moira.  Lastly, Zenyatta is a great choice to counter Moira.  If burst damage is king, Discord Orb is going to almost certainly drain Moira faster than anything else in the game.  Large chunks of damage are going to punish poor usage of Biotic Orb and eat away at her healing resource faster than anything in the game.  On top of that, being able to create picks on your own with Zenyatta's alternate fire is exactly the damage profile you need to counter Moira.
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