How To Counter Orisa in Overwatch 2

EsportsHeaven 2023-01-12 06:45:41
  HALT! Are you struggling to counter Orisa? Is Overwatch 2's favourite robo-centaur running amuck in your ranked games?  We've got you covered. Here is how to best deal with Orisa.     Due to her rework, Orisa's value is tied to how often she is marching forward. This means playing aggressively most of the time. Finding way to abuse mispositioning and leveraging that momentum is key to countering her.  If we get down to brass tacks, Orisa is a cooldown-based tank. She punches forward and uses her armoury of strong abilities to wrestle space away from her enemies. And much like other cooldown-reliant heroes, the sooner we can force those abilities out, the better off we are.  When Orisa's Fortify goes on cooldown is when you want to punish her and fight her directly. Outside of that look for opportunities to debuff or fight her team rather than taking a direct engagement with her.  Orisa has a fairly limited range so it is difficult for her to reach highly mobile and even airborne targets, especially once Energy Javelin is on cooldown. Keeping tabs on her javelin timer is huge when playing hero's whose defensive abilities can be interrupted.  As for general hero advice, here are out role-by-role breakdowns on how best you can counter Orisa;    Tank   While it may seem counter-intuitive, tanks with high displacement like Wrecking Ball are not bad when aiming to counter Orisa. Just their presence alone makes her itchy to hit her Fortify. Yes, you don't end up thrashing Orisa around but a low-value use of such an impactful cooldown is the win condition.  Obviously, not every map or player can just will a Wrecking Ball into existence so a Winston does this trick nearly as well. Being able to limit the line of sight with Winston's barrier leaves Orisa on an island without support.  Two tanks we'd recommend staying away from are Doomfist and Roadhog. While both can bait some of Orisa's cooldown, both are sitting ducks for a well-placed Energy Javelin. Not being able to use Take A Breather or most of Doomfist's kit simply because the javelin is online is never a great solution.    DPS   In an odd way, mid-to-long-range hitscan heroes like Soldier: 76, Ashe, and Sojourn perform well into Orisa. She can't displace any of those picks with Energy Javelin and this will eventually lead to the early use of Fortify. On top of that, what barrier is there to stop you from targeting squishies? Win-win all around. 
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Pharah and Echo are also strong due to the fact that they can abuse Orisa limited reach. However, her Javelin Spin becomes a little tricky to handle. Don't throw your own cooldowns into the javelin blender and be mindful of when you dive bomb the supports. You don't need your Mercy getting pinned because you didn't time something well. Mei is a forgotten DPS pick that, with a well-placed Ice Wall, nearly forces her to Fortify without any support. If you can separate the Orisa in a choke point from her team she's left out on an island without a raft.  We'd recommend trying to stray away from heroes like Tracer and Sombra. Both their primary fires do not perform well in to Orisa's 275 armour.    Support   Ana is a no-brainer. If the enemy tank does not have a permanent barrier Ana becomes insanely viable. Biotic Grenade blanketing the entire enemy team in that lovely purple goo, Sleep Darts effective range increasing, what's there not to love? Lucio is usually never a bad pick and he only thrives when playing aggressively into Orisa. This is yet another target she has to keep track of. If you land a good enough boop that alone might force Orisa to counter with Fortify giving your team a massive advantage.  Other honourable mentions go to Zenyatta and Brigitte. Keeping Discord Orb on Orisa severely hampers her movement and offensive potential. On the other hand Brigitte thrives in Orisa's effective range while also packing some displacement with Whip Shot and Shield Bash.  The only support hero we would advise you to avoid is Baptise. With Immortality Field being such a large part of his kit, having an ally be spun or speared out of its range is no fun. That lack of agency makes Baptise only slightly worse than most of the cast.
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