How To Counter Ramattra in Overwatch 2

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Overwatch's shiniest toy, Ramattra has taken the world by storm. With his entrance into ranked, you've easily seen your fair share of Hero 36. Are you stumped as how to counter Ramattra's high damage and incredibly high sustainability? Look no further, we've got the best guidelines on how to easily counter Ramattra.  To look at his strengths for a moment, Ramattra is an expert on game types with capture points. Things like Control and Hybrid are excellent choices for Ramattra due to his ultimate, Annihilation. Its high damage combined with the nature of the king of the hill style objective makes him a no-brainer.  Ramattra's Ravenous Vortex not only is a great tool for controlling space but it can be used to catch enemies out of position. And while many assume it's the secondary ability to ground any airborne targets only targets Pharah and Echo, its effects are far more general. Genji, Wrecking Ball, and even Lucio have to be wary of a well-placed Ravenous Vortex. And to top it off his Void Barrier grants his team exceptional cover to both close distance and to win wars of attrition.  So how do you kneecap such a juggernaut?
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    You have to go fast. Generally speaking, proactivity tends to be a good rule of thumb for anything. Ever wonder why your ranked games tend to get so hectic at 99% or in overtime? It's because, through an unspoken understanding, everyone knows what needs to be done immediately.  Everyone because aligned in one goal; get to the objective. It's that same pace that is going to really hamper the enemy Ramattra.  His base form grants his team a strong ability to play from a distance and whittle your team down. And when Ramattra's team does control the objective, his Nemesis Form makes him incredibly tanky and hard to remove.  Instead of the actual objective, your new mini-game should be to get onto him or his team as quickly as possible.  Keeping Ramattra in Nemesis Form for as long as possible severely limits his offensive potential so any type of debuffs you can throw at him, do so! When it comes to one-for-one hero suggestions, here are our two cents;    Tank   As a tank, your goal, if you're playing opposite an oppressive Ramattra, is to increase the tempo. This means minimising the time you're posturing and fighting for position. Once you hit a corner, you're next best play is to engage and get past his Void Barrier. Pummel is only really getting value when Ramattra is able to punish through your barriers.  If we reduce the time prior to engaging we limit Ramattra's offensive potential. This makes characters like D.Va, Winston, and Wrecking Ball all fantastic and quickly getting around Ramattra's defences.  Counter-intuitively, a well-played Reinhardt on certain maps can also be just as lethal. However, we'd also suggest you pair that with a Lucio to be able to close the gap as quickly as possible.    DPS   Much like with tanks, DPS heroes that can play quick and get behind Ramattra are key. Getting behind his Block and his Void Barrier is how you kneecap Ramattra. This makes agile, flank heroes like Tracer and Genji are great picks to counter Ramattra for those reasons.  An outside option is also Sombra. Not only does she fit that highly mobile archetype but Ramattra doesn't have a great answer for her when she is attempt to Hack him. This opens up slight windows of attack for your team while also presenting a possible opportunity for the Ramattra to face his back towards your team.  Ashe is also a more creative option as well. Not only does she have high sustained damage that can help crack Void Barrier but it's her area of effect potential that is the selling point. Dynamite being able to splash above or behind Ramattra's Void Barrier makes it harder for his teammates to confidently take cover behind it.    Support   With the drive to increase your team's speed, heroes like Lucio and Kiriko thrive when aiming to counter Ramattra. Getting your team on top of the enemy should be priority number one, so the faster we can do that, the better.  On top of that, Lucio's Sound Barrier opens up a solid answer to Ramattra's ultimate Annihilation. Kiriko can also cover Ramattra's Ravenous Vortex with her cleanse on Protection Suzu. Both are wonderful tools to counter and deal with Ramattra.  Much like other tanks without a permanent barrier, Ana is always a great choice into Ramattra. A well-placed offensive Biotic Grenade shifts the tide in your favour. This forces Ramattra to enter Nemesis Mode for the duration and gives your squad the ability to march forward more or less unimpaired.  With the same logic, Zenyatta is not a terrible shout either. Discord Orb alone will put the fear of god in Ramattra, Zenyatta's high damage output helps to crack Void Barrier and Transcendence is a great counter to Annihilation. What's not to love?!
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