How To Counter Reaper in Overwatch 2

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We've all been there. Reaper in your backline. Your supports are in shambles asking for a counter and you're drawing a blank. No sweat, here is our guide on how to counter Reaper before he gets out of hand.  Now, this may seem general but keep in mind Reaper's range. The easiest thing to adjust is your positioning. Keep your distance and try and maintain a high-ground position. This forces Reaper to Shadow Step, which forces his movement on your terms.  Another way you can keep Reaper honest is by controlling your flanks. This is something every role can do. DPS and tanks can physically check the Reaper while your supports can keep tabs through Overwatch 2's ping system.  That alone really limits the potential of heroes with the opportunity to flank.  Keeping Reaper tied to the frontline makes him significantly easier to handle.  As for heroes, these would be our recommendations.       DPS   We all know Reaper has shotguns, right? Looking for an easy Reaper counter? Go high.  Pharah not only can displace Reaper with Concussive Blast but also out ranges him. Similarly, Echo can also outrange Reaper and with her Sticky Bombs can force out an early Wraith Form. The best way to counter Reaper, or anything really, is to abuse something that they can't interact with. On a similar note, any mid-to-long-range hitscan DPS is quite good depending on the map. This isn't a direct counter to Reaper but it does pressure his time and puts him on a timer. So heroes like Ashe, Cassidy, and Sojourn are good picks.  Picks like Cassidy can easily force out and early Wraith Form, Ashe brings a displacement tool with Coach Gun. Even Sojourn can slide away fairly unscathed. Even a character like Widowmaker isn't terrible into an enemy Reaper so long as you manage your Grappling Hook cooldown well.  Plenty of the DPS cast actually does well into Reaper so long as you pick and choose where you engage him. If you know the enemy has a Reaper, don't counter yourself. Try and limit how often you're in narrow and enclosed spaces.    Tanks   For tanks there are a litany of great choices when looking to counter Reaper.  D.Va's Defense Matrix should blanket Reaper's target long enough for your DPS to push him away. On top of that, Defense Matrix makes it incredibly difficult to use Death Blossom effectively.  A well-placed Accretion from Sigma can instantly counter Reaper. It not only opens a kill window for him where Reaper can't use Wraith Form. But even if that doesn't happen, Wraith Form always comes out right after. Nearly all of Orisa's new kit plays well into Reaper. Energy Javelin can boop Reaper away if he gets too close. Javelin Spin adds another displacement layer on the cake while adding some Death Blossom coverage. And Fortify makes Orisa a hard target for Reaper to tunnel on to as a target. 
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We'd recommend you try and stay away from Roadhog and Winston. Their large hitboxes make it difficult to survive in the mix for a long time and control any kind of space.    Support   Ana is usually solid into most picks, but into Reaper, she's an ace. Sleep Dart into Reaper exiting Shadow Step makes for an easy target. It also shuts down Death Blossom. An offensive Biotic Grenade also shuts down his passive healing as well. If countering Reaper is dealing with burst damage, Kiriko also is a fantastic choice. If by chance the enemy Reaper does close the distance, Protection Suzu gives your allies just enough time to answer. On top of that it also is a good counter to Reaper's ultimate. And if we're looking for displacement for Reaper, picks like Lucio and Brigitte are also really strong. Lucio's Sound Barrier is a great counter to Reaper's Death Blossom and Brigitte thrives in the same spaces Reaper does. Either or can be quite good, with the map depending, with the latter providing more individual survivability.
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