How to Counter Sigma in Overwatch 2

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    Sigma. Love him or hate him he's been a staple of the ranked ladder experience for ages. And we've all felt an oppressive Sigma style on our entire team. So how do we stop him? How do you counter Sigma?  The key is to commit.  Sigma is the archetypal "poke tank." He thrives playing from a distance and just continuously chips away at the enemy. The longer your team sits and allows him to whittle away at you, the harder it is to counter him. You have to be decisive and push into the Sigma for him to feel any pressure. With Overwatch 2 moving to a single tank, all of the tank cast has very strong defensive tools. And rotating those tools properly can make some tanks feel unkillable.  Because of this, we can't just rely on resource trading when playing into Sigma. We have to pressure him with our positioning and coordination.  Remember, this isn't release Sigma. There is a punish window for you to push into him without him having the ability to reposition his shield.    DPS   Again, the goal here to shut down Sigma is to push past his shield and enter close range Reaper is the obvious choice to really put Sigma into a bind. With Reaper's strong defensive abilities and paired with the right tank, the two of you can counter Sigma and all ten of his toes.  On the other hand, picks like Mei and Symmetra are quite strong as well. The former can both deny healing and become a nuance for Sigma to deal with. While the latter thrives in the longer engagements that Sigma brings. 
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DPS heroes we'd recommend trying to steer clear from are immobile heroes that deal consistent damage. Overwatch heroes like Widowmaker and Ashe are great examples. Sigma can, all too easily, shove his shield in their sightlines and force them to manoeuvre around it.    Tank   Your tank matchup into Sigma is really what's going to determine an effective counter or not.  Decisive team fighting is our goal so many of the traditional main tanks from Overwatch 1 make great picks.  Reinhardt is a staple counter to Sigma especially when pair with something like a Lucio or a Reaper. Both compliment him well and synergize when looking to press into the Sigma and fight on top of him. Winston is also a strong choice. Whether you end up diving slightly past the Sigma or force his attention away towards his backline, Winston is worth your time.  However, be warned that both picks can be punished by Accretion when using their mobility tools. Keep an eye on Sigma's rock cooldown before just charging or leaping into the enemy team.  The last thing you need is to take a rock to the face and fall to your doom.  For a more creative pick, Zarya isn't terrible either. However, you're going to need to be a bit of a ball hog and primarily use both of your bubbles for yourself. This should give you enough time to rush the Sigma down and force him back.   Support   When it comes to supports, try to steer clear of immobile ones. Zenyatta can have a hard time on specific maps without much room to work with, especially on defence.  Ana on the other hand is a mixed bag. While Sigma's barrier isn't always available the fact that he can move it while also being able to eat your Biotic Grenade with Kinetic Grasp is a little unlucky.  Lucio, Moira, Birgitte, and even Mercy can all be fantastic additions to your squad. Countering Sigma is a team effort so being able to speed-boost your team in or consistently heal them with Moira is going to make those pushes even punchier. Brigitte plays right within the same range that Sigma does so keeping Inspire up shouldn't be a problem. And while this may seem heretical, a well-played Mercy is very difficult for Sigma to really get a hold of. Not only is that going to demand some of his attention, but you might also bait out a free Accretion too!
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