How To Counter Symmetra in Overwatch 2

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As of January 26th, 2023, Symmetra has a staggering 54% win rate according to Overbuff.com.  You're reading that right. One of Overwatch's most reworked heroes wins well over half of her games.  From turrets and teleporters, Symmetra has been a polarizing hero in Overwatch for years and now she stands above the rest.  So, how do you counter Symmetra?  The trick is speed and height.     The easiest piece of advice we have for toppling a Symmetra that is running your lobby is to cut down on how long your team fights are. Drawn-out fights allow Symmetra more opportunities to charge her primary fire. This added DPS behind her Photon Projector begins to cut through tanks like a hot knife through butter.  Next, think about going high not behind. There is this perception that Symmetra is has a short range. While in the past that might have been true, her new alternate fire is much more consistent and should be respected.  On top of that, her ability to control space with Sentry Turrets makes it difficult for heroes like Tracer and Sombra to path behind her team.   DPS   This leads us nicely to our DPS suggestions. Pharah and Echo are your go-to picks to countering Symmetra. While they don't end fights quickly, they simply can move around unchecked.  Sojourn, Widowmaker, and Ashe are all fantastic because of their high burst potential. Again, we want to limit how much time the enemy Symmetra has to charge her gun. These picks allow our team to end fights before they even begin.  In a very, albeit toxic way, Symmetra doesn't have strong defensive cooldowns, so tunnelling her is effective as well. Picking heroes like Reaper or even Torbjorn are not terrible choices.  Reaper can actually just walk at her and consistently pressure her out or even kill her outright. Torbjorn on the other hand accepts those longer fights while also still granting you the ability to walk forward and trade with the Symmetra.    Tank   First, avoid D.Va and Doomfist.  Due to both of their defensive abilities not covering beam weapons they are sitting ducks and just become charge bots for Symmetra. If you're aiming to counter her, figure where her attention is focused.  If the enemy Symmetra is coordinated and playing around their team; Winston, Sigma and Orisa are great options depending on the map.
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Here we want to be consistently repositioning and picking heroes that aren't mitigated by map geometry all that much.  On the other hand, if Symmetra is playing on the wings, using her Teleporter as a flanking tool; Zarya and Junker Queen help a ton. This playstyle feels much more rare, but in these instances, we need to add survivability to our team.  Think of it this way; if the enemy has a strong Symmetra, what tank are they paired with? Are they coordinated around with a Reinhardt? Are they just playing slow with a Sigma, playing to pressure you? When we think of the tank matchup rather than just aiming to counter the Symmetra outright, we usually meet similar goals. Remember; two birds, one stone.    Support   Supports on the other hand don't suffer as much. These picks are much more situational to your team and our other hero suggestions. Due to how strong heroes like Pharah and Sojourn are at countering Symmetra, Mercy is a great option to buff the strength of your team. A strong Mercy just means there is one less target to charge on.  Due to Symmetra favouring smaller, more narrow maps and her synergy with Reinhardt, we'd recommend trying to reconsider heroes like Zenyatta and Ana.  A well-coordinated Teleporter push really punishes these heroes' lack of mobility. Instead, heroes like Lucio and Baptiste tend to be able to reposition without too much of an issue but also still offer a lot to their team.
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