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lizZard: “I love broken heroes [..] I like everything in the current patch”

KarY 2019-02-06 06:28:32
  Admir "lizZard" Salkanović sits down with Esports Heaven for an interview where he speaks on his professional career as a player, caster, the current patch and more. Hey Admir. Let's begin by introducing yourself to the community. Hi, I'm lizZard, pretty "new" to Dota but played wc3 and competed in it. Been around Dota for about 5 years, was #1 on leader boards, got to play with some really good players in my teams etc. Before dabbling into the role of an analyst/commentator, you used to play as a professional player for MYinsanity, Prodota Gaming as well as Elements Gaming. What made you plunge into video games especially Dota 2? Yes, what made me plunge is not really something I can answer as I always loved competing in video games. I used to play wc3 even more than Dota as a kid. I didn't play anything during my high school and than my friends suggested Dota while we were in university. Now I'm here. I believe winning versus a guy that was supposed to win a local wc3 tournament, and being cheered by 200 people when I was 13 made me just love the adrenaline rush and everything that goes with esports and competing in it. However, there has always just been a drive that made me love winning and competing. What made you become an analyst/commentator? How did it all begin? I approached Gareth and told him I'll kill him if he doesn't invite me to his next event, so he did. I don't know if it was fear or he just thought I was being funny. You've been seen grinding casts with KillerPigeon in the past although that isn't the case anymore. What happened? Also, do you think you'll cast with him again now that he has Nahaz and Kipsul by his side? Yes, I love working with KP but sadly some of the events we were invited to collided so we couldn't work together. Also, maybe he has found someone new, and here I am heart broken, left to shed tears and worry about what's happening to us. A lot of pros are switching to the analyst role such as Fogged, Kyle, DeMoN -- to name a few. From the perspective of a pro player, how difficult is it for pro players to commentate on games after they leave playing competitively? How often do you think they get the urge to go back? Analyzing is obviously super easy if you're a pro player as you understand the game very well (most do at least) and it's not really hard to talk about what's happening on the screen. I always enjoy talking about some subtle things your casual player would not notice. Urge to go back is constant I believe. That's the hardest part. What subtle things that a casual player wouldn't notice are you talking about? Subtle movements, intentional mis-positioning, intentional disadvantageous fights, fighting exactly when and where they want to, passive or aggressive movements in unexpected circumstances and much more. There's a 1000 of them that goes unnoticed by the casual players. What are the benefits of a pro player being an analyst as compared to the normal co-caster? Co-caster pro player is easier but I don't think its a must. I'm sure you'll be reunited with KillerPigeon in the near future. I'll make sure he reads this interview. Anyway, what do you think of the new version/patch? Which things you like and dislike in this version? Also, what would you like to see more in this version? lmao, I love all changes, I love broken heroes, I love that there's something to look forward to (nerfs) and I love that some heroes get extra love even though it makes the game not too pleasant for most. I like everything in the current patch. What do you have to say about the map changes? Tell us the most significant aspect of the game that has changed due to the changes in map? It's great, good to have new changes and things added to freshen the game up How was your experience casting Megafon Winter Clash? What are your key takeaways from these events? Megafon was great, the people I work with make it great as they're just top notch professionals and just overall great people. Which team do you think is the strongest in this version? Why? Elements pro Gaming, because they have Mitch, Mitch is a Croatian hero, he'll bring justice to Dota 2 world. What do you hope to achieve in the year 2019? What is your goal?
2019 I hope to bench press more than any other Dota2 personality. I think I'm already there but i wanna solidify my domination. Also perhaps join a tier one team.
Any shout outs?
Shout-out to lamp and riproo, two gems of my Twitch chat.

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Headline image courtesy: Lizzard Twitter

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