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Nigma Analysis; Individual movements and Strategies

KarY 2020-01-07 04:58:26
Piece done BY ALONSO "AlonsoAndress" Maldonado
Ahead of WePlay! Bukovel Minor, we take an analytical approach towards Team Nigma and their individual movements around the map, strategies in the current patch by prioritizing the games won. Without further ado, scroll down to read below: GH His position varies depending on the draft chosen, both the enemy and his team. If GH is on Rubick then most of the time he’ll be seen accompanying MinD_ContRoL. This way, he covers the lanes that are abandoned by his core when they seek some jungle farm, thus trying to accelerate but GH does not go much ahead in the lane as he waits for some ally to accompany him in search of ganks or for pushing the lane. His main priority is to rotate between different lanes and hence it is for the exact same reason that he prefers heroes having a great impact early game. He begins to rotate as he reaches level 4 approximately. Besides this, he’ll be the first one to teleport in if any of his cores are under enemy threat, regardless of how early or late it is into the game. At minute 5, he’ll mostly be the one rushing towards the nearest river bounty rune ward. Miracle- Miracle is the main core of Nigma independent of the position he plays in; mid or safe lane, and the number one priority when it comes to farm. During mid-game, he tries to establish control over the runes. For example, if he finds a haste rune he’ll use it to his advantage, if not, then continue farming in his lane. The area enclosed in black circles are his go to jungle spots for farming in early game post which he resumes farming in mid-lane. These are his neutral points when it comes to farming. He is consistent and enacts the same movements repetitively throughout early game. Entering mid-game, his farming radius increases and the area is enclosed in blue circles below, and performing the same movements mentioned above. [Refer to Image 1.0] Nigma

[Image 1.0]

During mid-game, his farm will focus primarily on an area of the jungle (enclosed in black) [Refer to Image 1.1], with the possibility of going to the mid lane or the off-lane to continue his farm, but will not advance beyond the lines marked in red without knowing the position of the enemy team. Because his team constantly seeks to create spaces, Miracle constantly takes advantage of such situation by split pushing and consuming part of the enemy jungle (areas marked in yellow). In case he doesn’t have the knowledge of his enemy's position or whereabouts, he’ll return to his comfort zone. [Refer to Image 1.1] Nigma

[Image 1.1]

In the event Miracle plays the hard-carry position, he’ll look for farm in his lane and will mostly depend on how easy or difficult his lane is in order to rotate towards the mid lane to perform the aforementioned. He will always look for early items like early Wraith Band or Drums of Endurance. MinD_ContRoL During early game, he stays in his lane trying to break the enemy tier 1 tower as quickly as possible so that he can start rotating to other lanes to help out (in case the safelane or midlane need help, to defend or destroy the enemy tier 1 tower, or rotating to lanes to win some sweet duels on Legion Commander). In case the other lanes do not have major complications, he’ll continue pushing the lane after taking the enemy tier 1 tower, and plant an Observer Ward simultaneously so as to prevent some of the ganks directed towards him (circles enclosed in black color) [Refer to Image 1.2 below]. During midgame, he will look to control the outpost, rotating to offlane and safelane (the ganks will be to the lanes where they do not have control of the outpost). He will create space during this transition towards the mid-game with Kuroky and GH, and in return let w33 get his first primordial item (in case he hasn’t obtained it yet) and distract the enemy. He’ll mostly try to get involved in every teamfight that occurs once he reaches level 6. Nigma

[Image 1.2]

W33 In his safe-lane position, W33 will constantly stay put in his lane until he has phase boots. Post that, he begins to roam around in search of ganks and play aggressively to create enough space for Miracle- to farm and for Mind_Control to take down the enemy tier 1 tower in his lane. He is constantly pushing a lane or looking for ganks, and in case he finds himself roaming in the jungle, he will be found in the area enclosed in black circle below and advancing towards the respective lane, ideally with an Observer Ward planted (enclosed in yellow circles in the image below). If Miracle is in his lane or at the other end of the jungle, w33 will take the remaining part of the jungle (enclosed in white circles below). [Refer to Image 1.3]

[Image 1.3]

When he plays mid-lane, W33 will stay in the middle zone with some ganks directed towards other lanes until he gets his first item. In any case, he too like others will actively seek to constantly create space for Miracle- to farm. Kuroky  Ideally accompanying W33 or Miracle, he is more likely to extend support towards the mid-lane and help his core to secure farm or save him from ganks early game. His main function is to secure farm for his cores in the lane, pulling creeps towards the neutral camps, creating multiple stacks in the neutral camps or simply trying to distract the enemy. Towards mid-game, his priority shifts towards creating space by performing ganks and defending towers on his side of the map. GOALS The main objectives of Team Nigma early game is to take down the tier 1 towers of mid and off-lane. Once these towers are destroyed, the map opens up and creates opportunities to execute more effective ganks. An attempt is made to distract the enemy in the safe lane and off-lane, thus leaving the middle zone up for grabs -- a safe zone for Miracle (area enclosed in black below) [Refer to Image 1.4]. Areas circled in yellow is where Nigma will place most of their wards trying to gain some control over the map. They will expect Miracle to obtain one or two main items before joining them in pushing lanes (the number of items will depend on the advantage or disadvantage they have). The mid-zone will be the main focus of their attacks. Outposts control is essential for the team.

[Image 1.4]

DRAFTS: Draft wise, the “ideal” draft of Team Nigma has 2 variables; primary and secondary, in which the primary is the dream draft with no heroes being banned from it and secondary being the most used alternatives when the former experiences any hiccups.
If you would like to know more about my work, you can follow me at KarY. You can head over to our Dota 2 hub for more content. Headline image courtesy: Nigma 

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