Stormgate Build Order: Infernal 2 Base Spriggans

Volamel 2024-02-11 08:32:19

Here is a quick 2-base build order for Infernal Host to abuse Spriggans in Stormgate.  Infernal Host players, we're talking to you. Are you interested in a build order that uses one of the most slept-on units in the game? Spriggan's are Infernal's answer to Starcraft's Mutalisk - and you rarely see them built. Time to multitask and harass everyone on the Stormgate ladder. Here is a flexible build that features the Spriggan front and centre.  Stormgate's Open Beta during Steam's Next Fest lasts from February 5th to the 12th. The game's Early Access is slated to land in mid-2024.
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Stormgate Build Order Infernal Spriggans

The BUILD for STORMGATE Build Order Infernal Spriggans

9/15 Imp 10/15 Iron Vault 9/15 Imp 10/15 Imp 11/15 Meat Farm 10/15 Imp 11/15 Imp 12/25 Brute 15/27 Shrine  14/27 Imp @ 2:00 After clearing the nearest resource camp, use Soul Sunder on your first Brute **Use these Fiends to scout** ~ 2:50 Make a Twilight Spire ~ 3:00 Make sure to fully saturate your main base (12/12 on Luminite + 5 on Therium) ~ 3:40 Advance to T2 ~ 4:00 Take ALL Imps @ second base and move them to mining Therium ~ 4:50 Make a Ritual Chamber ~ 5:00 Move ALL BUT 4 Imps back to mining Luminite @ your second base ~ 5:40 Create 3x Spriggans **Continue Spriggan production and expand behind this**
About Me (why should I listen to you?) My name is Joseph "Volamel" Franco. I have 1,700 MMR Stormgate experience and a former Masters level Starcraft 2 player with hundreds of hours in the RTS genre. I've also analyzed professional Overwatch for broadcast and teams and am familiar with a myriad of strategies. These are build orders I'm actively testing during the "Elephant" Build of Stormgate and using to climb with. 
Tip: If you're looking for an in-depth guide on this opening, how to scout with it, and other Infernal openings, check out our write-up here.

How This Stormgate Build Order for Infernal Spriggans Works

This quick 2-base build order for Infernal Host to abuse Spriggans in Stormgate focuses on heavy map control. Spriggans as great as they give Infernal a much-needed boost to their mid-game map control. Between Hellbornes and Magmadons, Infernal's T2 units are slow. This means our army tends to deathball and has a difficult time dealing with drops from either Vanguard or other Infernal players. This not only gives us some added scouting but also provides us with the tech to produce anti-air units, like Shadowflyers. While they are not the best units to creep with, they can snag any solo camps with 6 or more with relative ease. The reason why we do some Imp swapping at our natural is due to the high amount of Therium needed to progress through the tech tree AND produce Spriggans. This gives us a quick boost without being too complex.


If you scout that your opponent opted for an early second base, you should have fewer EXOs to deal with.  If they are just taking their second, use your Spriggans to scout for what tech they're going and harass their B.O.B. building their Command Post.  As your Spriggans arrive in your opponent's base, have them target EXOs before attacking the B.O.B.s.  Upon seeing the Spriggans, this will cause your opponent to start making turrets to defend their resource line. Use your Spriggans to focus the B.O.B.s building the turrets.  Try and avoid turrets when possible as Spriggans are relatively weak. If their health is becoming an issue, be sure to use Summon Effigy to regen weak Spriggans' white health.


It's harder to make work due to how popular Gaunts are. However, they don't do much damage.  So with some micro and using Summon Effigy to regen weak Spriggans white health, it may work. If the game progresses past the 5-minute mark be sure to pay attention to how the enemy Infernal player is using their animus (top-bar resource). You don't want them placing a free Shroudstone without you knowing about it.
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