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The CN community’s post-TI9 debrief

KarY 2019-08-26 07:52:09
  The CN community’s post-TI9 debrief: A small collection of reactions from Chinese forums. China’s TI9 had came to a bitter end in the lower bracket finals, as LGD lost to Liquid after a hard-to-watch game 3 where LGD had been comprehensively outdrafted and outplayed. Of course, this was not the expected result that the Chinese community had hoped for after LGD’s and VG’s strong showing up until they faced each other in the upper bracket, Chinese Dota looked set to at least have a Grand Finalist to cheer for, but it all fell apart. The instant reaction to the shock was of course not pretty, not if you’re Ame. “There’s no Tis where Ame choked the most, he choked in all 3 TIs.” “He will choke the most in the next TI.” “I thought he’d mature as a player eventually, but it turns out he’s not a normal person to begin with.” “He choked in all of them, there’s no “most choked”, he choked in all of them. There’s no “most choked”, he choked in all of them. There’s no “most choked”, he choked in all of them. There’s no “most choked”, he choked in all of them. There’s no “most choked”, he choked in all of them.” “The scary part is that he will choke even harder in the next TI.” “No, the scariest part is that he’s CN Dota’s best carry.” “I have TI10 Stockholm Syndrome” “Ah shit my Stockhom Syndrome has relapsed. Supporting OG means supporting Dota! OG DOTA, BEST DOTA!” “In terms of pure disgust, TI8 takes the cake.” “Compared to TI7, 8 and 9 are fantastic.” “Definitely TI8, at least I feel like laughing watching TI9.” “TI8, with one hand on the Aegis they passed it to OG.” “TI8. OG is indeed the much better team this year.” “I have tears in my eyes laughing as an LGD hater.” “I wanted to see LGD and VG win, but for some reason I feel at peace after they lost.” “Seeing the three letter combination of A, N and A makes me piss myself in fear. Oh, now I need to change my pants again.” “I can’t wait for these leeches to die.” “At least don’t eat shit in front of your home crowd.” “I feel inferior! Curse my comrades! Curse narrow-minded Nationalism! I don’t support another TI in China!” “Why? I loved watching TI live this year and attendance was great!” “Yeah don’t do it at NA either, I can’t take a week of sleepless nights.” But of course, not all hope is lost for CN Dota, as some see the TI9 result in a positive light. You can also watch other interviews from TI9: Zai interview Jerax interview GH interview Ame Interview Ramzes interview
Article written by guest editor Wittisy. If you would like to know more about my work, you can follow me at KarY. You can head over to our Dota 2 hub for more content. Headline image courtesy:  Valve

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