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The ESH Seven- LoL games to watch 01/03/23- 07/03/23

Mush 2023-02-28 04:44:54
  Welcome back to this weekly feature from Esports Heaven, The ESH Seven. Every Tuesday we'll go over the most exciting matches to watch of the following week. We'll pick seven games from the four major regions, a game/series a day, to make the ridiculous amount of LoL there is available to watch easier to follow! Friendly reminder: there is no LEC this week. Winter Split is over and Spring only starts on March 11th, so the European region will make a return to ESH Seven next week!  


  The LCK has now morphed completely into the an all-out brawl in the middle of the table with the two edges mostly confirmed. T1 are isolated in first place with a 11-1 record, KDF, DRX and NS are undoubtedly the worst teams in the region. ESH Seven As you can see from the standings above, KT and GEN are both in that 6th to 2nd fight, with nothing but two series separating them. A win here for KT Rolster will get them dangerously close to the fight for top 4, but can they actually pull it off? If you need to be reminded of how stacked these rosters are, you'll be able to watch BDD vs Chovy, Lehends vs his former team and Aiming vs Peyz. Twitch and Youtube March 2nd 8AM GMT/3AM EST.  


  The LCS standings are looking weirdly similar to those of the LCK. LCS Flyquest is head and shoulders above of the competition, with their only loss coming at the hands of TSM during super-week. On the other hand, their oppoent for this game in EG is in a much more uncomfortable situation. The team comes straight out of a terrible 0-2 week, with a loss against the surprisingly good Golden Guardians, and a shocking loss against Dignitas, who had remained winless until that moment. With GG's resurgence and CLG's bright moments, EG is losing their handle on Top 4, let alone top 3. Can the team get back to form here and perhaps steal a win from the dominant Flyquest? Twitch or Youtube March 4th 00:00 GMT/ 7PM EST.  


  This is a much more exciting match-up than it would've been in the first round robin. ESH Seven DPlus Kia have now four losses to their record (vs T1, GEN, KT and LSB), which makes them tied to their current opponent, Hanwha Life Esports. This will be an incredible match-up due to the player-duels alone, but that's not all. These teams are on a completely opposite direction. D+ started the season off extremely strong, but have looked weaker and weaker as time goes by. On the other hand, HLE had a terrible start to their split and have now seemed to fix a lot of their issues. Dplus should still be the favorites here, but with Showmaker's underperformances and Zeka's carry potential on his picks, it's hard to favour them that much. Regardless of who the winner wins, this one will be a feast for the eyes. If that mid-lane matchup isn't enough to convince you, bot lane will feature Deft/Kellin vs Viper/Life. Don't miss this one. Twitch and Youtube March 4th 6AM GMT/1AM EST.  


  LPL Yes, the LPL has a ridiculous number of teams. But don't get overwhelmed, I don't think I'll feature any team below top 8 on ESH Seven. As you can see, the two teams facing each other here are top 1 and 3 respectively. LNG have been dominating the League, but their true tests have only just begun. They are coming off of a very legitimate 2-0 win against Weibo, but all their other opponents were not really top-5 material. Their next fews games though, they are the gauntlet of top LPL teams essentially. They've taken down WBG, will face EDG here and right afterwards come the matchups vs TES and JDG. This one vs EDG seems extra spicy though. Jiejie vs Tarzan will be a treat to watch, but no one can overlook Scout facing his old organization, the one under which he won Worlds 2021. EDG have already proved themselves with an impressive 2-0 win vs JDG, but can they take down the current 1st place team in the LPL? Or will Scout get the better of Meiko and company? Twitch and Youtube March 4th 11AM GMT/6AM EST  


  The fight for supremacy in the middle of the LCK table continues here. As I've mentioned before in the last two LCK games I've gone over, very little separates these teams. Liiv Sandbox are expected to win their other series against KDF, but a loss here versus KT will threaten their Top 5 position quite quickly. In fact, if KT manage to win the previous match they have (which is the one I mentioned against GEN), a victory here vs LSB will end up with both teams tied for 5th. Do we believe in KT, or are they just going to break our hearts as they've done so many times before? Twitch and Youtube March 5th 6AM GMT/1AM EST.  


  This will be EDG's last true trial of this split. They've beaten JDG 2-0, lost to TES in a close 1-2 series and will have faced LNG when this game happens. WBG will be the last elite team in their path to prove that their roster is one to fear despite the loss of a star like Scout. Weibo Gaming have been faltering quite frequently, but their roster should never be underestimated. Can they recover from the harsh 0-2 loss against LNG with a victory here, or will EDG cement themselves as a top 4 team in the LPL in Spring Split 2023? As is usual in the LPL, the player matchups alone will be a treat to watch. Ale/Jiejie vs TheShy/Karsa while Meiko will be facing off Crisp in the bot lane. Should be a treat! Twitch and Youtube March 4th 9AM GMT/4AM EST  


  And here's the final matchup of an LPL-filled ESH Seven. Remember, LEC isn't happening this week so I had to double and triple-down on other regions. This isn't an "option B" type of choice though, this series should be an absolute banger. LNG are at the top of the LPL standings. Even if they lose vs EDG, they'll still be tied for first. TES are one win away from that ambitious spot, and have the roster on paper to claim it for their own. Will they be able to? As of now, Top Esports only losses came at the hands of WBG very early on in the split (Week 2) and vs JDG a couple of weeks ago. They've overtaken the giantslayers in EDG, and will here face their last big challenge of the regular season. Will Tarzan and Scout pull off the upset and keep a tight-grip on the coveted first place, or will Tian and Rookie come to claim their crown? Twitch and Youtube March 4th 11AM GMT/6AM EST.
Images courtesy of Leaguepedia. Check out last week's ESH Seven for any bangers you might've missed! Follow the author @Mushwrites on Twitter.

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