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The ESH Seven- LoL games to watch 22/02/23- 28/02/23

Mush 2023-02-22 07:31:27
  Welcome back to this weekly feature from Esportsheaven, The ESH Seven. Every Tuesday we'll go over the most exciting matches to watch of the following week. We'll pick seven games from the four major regions, a game/series a day, to make the ridiculous amount of LoL there is available to watch easier to follow!  

KT vs DK (LCK)

  The LCK is fully stacked at the top this season. T1 stand head and shoulders above everyone else, but between 2nd and 5th place, it is essentially impossible to predict any outcome reliably. Dplus Kia should've been a lock-in for second place, maybe even a favourite given their incredibly stacked roster, but both KT Rolster and Liiv SANDBOX have been surprising viewers and opponents alike. KT narrowly won this series in the first round robin, and another win here would put DK in a very uncomfortable position. Can Dplus start getting back to the form they showed in the first couple of weeks of the season, or are we ready to finally trust KT? Twitch and Youtube on the 22nd of February, 10:30 AM GMT/5:30 AM EST.  

T1 vs LSB (LCK)

  A very similar match-up to the previous one, and a rematch of a series that happened just last week. LSB keep surprising, remaining in a three-way tie for second place with the first round-robin concluded. They had a surprise game win against T1 in their last series, but that BO3 really felt unwinnable in the end. I doubt LSB can win 2 out of 3 games against the titans that are T1, but even if they do, the remainder of the second round-robin will have an entirely different look. Can they pull off another miracle? Twitch and Youtube on the 23rd of February, 10:30 AM GMT/5:30 AM EST.  


  TSM surprised everyone with their massive upset win against the previously undefeated Flyquest. After a bit of a rocky start, the team has been on the up and up as time goes by, and this is their chance to keep on proving that they can take wins off of the top teams. Can they beat C9 and start edging closer to the podium, or was the Flyquest victory purely a fluke? Twitch or Youtube on the 24 of February, 10 PM GMT/5 PM EST.  


  The true all-star matchup of the LPL has finally arrived. Make no mistake, this is the most hyped series in the entire world this week. JDG has had a couple of blunders, but they should still be sharing the favourite stop with TES. TOP have only lost a series in the first week against WBG, this split's giant-slayers, and have remained undefeated since. If a preview of a likely playoff final isn't spicy enough for you, just look at the insane player matchups on display. Tian and Rookie vs Kanavi and Knight. They need no introduction. In the top lane, we have the young star Qingtian vs 369. And who doesn't want to watch Jackeylove vs Ruler? This will be the biggest banger of the week, even if you don't usually watch the LPL, don't miss this one. Twitch and Youtube on the 25th of February, 11 AM GMT/6 AM EST  


  The LEC playoffs are in full swing. KOI was smashed by G2 in a 3-1 series, but with the region's new beautiful format, they're not out yet. They'll face the winner of this series in the second round of the lower bracket. This match is another proof of how good this format is. Given how the Group Stage was divided, MAD and SK hadn't gotten a chance to play in a series yet. SK swept their opposition after losing to KOI, and on the other side, MAD got the lucky draw of having to beat Astralis twice, after getting smacked around by G2. Can SK pull off another upset to have another chance against KOI, or are the MAD Lions ready to rise to the occasion as favourites? Twitch and Youtube on the 24th of February, 5 PM GMT/ NOON EST.  


  This is an unexpected hype match-up. LNG has been surprising everyone with how well they've been playing. Sure, they have one of the most insane mid-jungle duos imaginable with Tarzan and Scout, but being 6-1 with a bunch of 2-0 victories is still impressive. It comes with a caveat, though, as many LPL records do. LNG hasn't really faced the truly fearsome LPL teams, and yet they've dropped a series against the underwhelming NIP. This will be their first bout against the big four and will be a test to help us gauge how good LNG really is. WBG are an incredibly volatile team, but their mid-jungle with Xiaohu and Karsa is nothing short of scary in their own rights, and their bot lane is head and shoulders the best of the two. Let's see what LNG is truly made of! Twitch and Youtube on the 26th of February, 11 AM GMT/6 AM EST  


  The first playoff final of the season comes before February is even over, courtesy of the new LEC three-split format. G2 lie in wait for whoever wins the KOI vs SK/MAD series, and they are the uncontested favourites. I can't imagine any of their contenders even forcing them to a 5 game series, but this will be a joy to watch regardless. Even if it all boils down to a quick 3-0 affair, watching G2 play to the level they've been at so far, will always be a pleasure. Are there any new picks coming? Can Caps keep extending his mid-lane champion pool? Don't miss it! Twitch and Youtube on the 26th of February, 5 PM GMT/ NOON EST.  
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