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The ESH Seven- LoL games to watch 08/03/23- 14/03/23

Mush 2023-03-08 05:25:16
  Welcome back to this weekly feature from Esports Heaven, The ESH Seven. Every Tuesday we'll go over the most exciting matches to watch of the following week. We'll pick seven games from the four major regions, a game/series a day, to make the ridiculous amount of LoL there is available to watch easier to follow!  


  Things have evolved quite a bit in the LCK since we last went over their standings in the past week. ESH Seven T1 are still head and shoulders above everyone else, but the 2nd to 6th place race is closer than it ever was. And that is exactly where these two teams stand. KT Rolster cruised straight through LSB in the standings with an excellent 2-0 week, in which they beat both Sandbox and GEN to lock their place in the playoffs. This tough week leaves KT with one big challenge left to secure an even better placement: Hanwha Life Esports. These two rosters have the exact same series and match score, but they couldn't be in more different situations. KT has already gone through their death gauntlet, and HLE's has only just begun. They were smacked by Dplus Kia 2-0 last week and now have to face, in order, the following opponents: KT Rolster, T1, GEN and LSB. They are not the favourites in any of these series except the LSB one. These two teams have both had great resurgences, but this game will likely decide their fate as we head into the final two weeks before playoffs. Who can remain in the race for the top 3? Twitch and Youtube March 8th 10:30 AM GMT/ 5:30 AM EST.  

EG vs C9 (LCS)

  Very little has changed in the LCS standings since last week. In the top 3, nothing has changed at all. Flyquest dropped another BO1 and this time, crucially, it was to EG. This kept the team one game away from C9 and, frankly, keeps the top 3 as a whole wide open. Evil Geniuses have momentum on their side, coming straight off of a victory against FLY. C9, on the other hand, has the pressure entirely on their shoulders. They are heading into their two toughest games of the second round robin, and their fate is on the line. If Cloud9 win here, they'll likely secure second place and will have the chance to battle for first. If Evil Geniuses pull off another massive victory here, they'll throw the entire top 3 into disarray. Cloud9 will have to face Flyquest in the last week of the split, so EG will not be out of the race for 1st. This game will decide a lot heading into LCS playoffs, don't miss it. Twitch or Youtube March 10th 00:00 GMT/7 PM EST March 9th.  

T1 vs HLE (LCK)

  This match is going to be a blast to watch. If you've been keeping up with the LCK, you'll know T1 has only lost a single series this entire split. Well, that series loss came at the hands of HLE. So that alone makes this series really spicy, but that's not all. T1 need to lose too many series to get removed from first place, so that's likely out of the question, but HLE has their fate entirely in its hands. The advantage of having a really rough schedule is that you have the chance to directly surpass those who are above you. And it all begins here for HLE. Can they be the only team in the Split that beats T1 twice? Hard to believe, but it was also unfathomable the first time they met. Twitch and Youtube March 11th at 8:30 AM GMT/ 3:30 AM EST.


  The LEC is back in the ESH Seven! After the incredible first mini-split, Spring finally kicks off in the LEC. And the BO1 chosen to kick things off couldn't be spicier. The two most shocking and disappointing squads of the Winter Season have a chance for redemption. Fnatic has confirmed what their new roster will look like: That means -Rhuckz+Advienne and -Wunder+Oscarinin. Coaching changes have also happened. On the other hand, Excel hasn't announced either roster changes or confirmed their roster for Spring Split, but a lot of rumours surrounding their squad have been making the rounds. Regardless of what roster they field, the grudge match here will be real. Have these teams got their shit together this time, or are some drastic changes needed? These teams now know better than anyone else that this new LEC format is ruthless if you don't click in the first couple of weeks.  Twitch and Youtube March 11th 5 PM GMT| 12PM EST.    


  This isn't as spicy as our previous LEC match, but it should be a banger nonetheless. Vitality bombed out of Winter Groups after their bot lane seemingly imploded, but they didn't shy away from opening their wallet once again to immediately pull off the biggest upgrade possible. Upset is free from the shackles of FNC's bench and should now give VIT a true super-team. Photon and Bo surprised the entire league with some insane performances and Perkz is, well, Perkz. Having one of the best LEC ADCs of all time joining the roster should make them at least competitive with G2, but until we get that duel, the second-best team in Winter will suffice. MAD hasn't made any changes, and no changes were in order. They performed really well throughout the Winter Split and just weren't able to beat G2, who was by far the best team in the region. Will Vitality click from the get-go, or is the already-built synergy of MAD too big of an advantage? Let's see!  Twitch and Youtube March 11th 7 PM GMT| 2 PM EST.  


  ESH Seven LNG has been surprising everyone this season with their performance in the LPL and has been rightly rewarded with being the first team to qualify for playoffs. They have a 9-2 record and have 2-0 both Weibo Gaming and Top Esports. Yes, they got swept by EDG, but so did their opponent, JD Gaming. This should be a David vs Goliath matchup, an unfairly stacked super-team versus a squad there is more than the sum of their parts. Yet that's what LNG vs TES should've been, and we saw what happened there. LNG is a dangerous roster and JDG has been faltering in a very weird fashion at times, this match isn't an easy one to predict. The good thing is, the only thing we have to predict here is if a match will be good, and this one has got to be a banger. Kanavi and Knight vs Tarzan and Scout. How could you ever miss this? Twitch and Youtube March 12th 11 AM GMT/6 AM EST.  


  This is the other big spicy grudge match of the LEC this week. Even if Fnatic turn out to be a mediocre squad and Vitality perform as their roster says they should, the sheer narrative beauty surrounding this makes it worth a watch. Upset, now free from the bench, having the chance to smack his old team in the first week of Spring Split is glorious. Anything else will be a bonus. but there are indeed some bonuses to be had. If Fnatic does perform like a functional team, their roster is one to be feared and this mid/jungle matchup should be really exciting. Bo and Perkz vs Razork and Humanoid is a lot of talent stacked in the middle of the map, and the jungle changes that we've seen should give these four players a lot more agency. But, let's be honest, we'll all be there to watch Upset complete his freedom arc by smacking down the team that kept him on the bench for an entire Split. Twitch and Youtube March 13th 9 PM GMT| 4 PM EST.
Images courtesy of Leaguepedia. Check out last week's ESH Seven for any bangers you might've missed! Follow the author @Mushwrites on Twitter.

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