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The ESH Seven- LoL games to watch 15/02/23- 21/02/23

Mush 2023-02-14 04:26:38
  Welcome  back to this weekly feature from Esportsheaven, The ESH Seven. Every Tuesday we'll go over the most exciting matches to watch of the following week. We'll pick seven games from the four major regions, a game/series a day, to make the ridiculous amount of LoL there is available to watch easier to follow!  


  JD Gaming have just suffered their first lost yesterday versus Weibo Gaming. The 4-1 team have a chance to tie Top Esports for first place by beating Edward Gaming here, but the game might be harder than expected. EDG are also a 4-1 team, but their wins are against weaker opposition and IG slapped them in a 2-0 affair. The question remains, can EDG handle the best teams in the LPL, or are JDG about to smoothly sail to first place? Twitch and Youtube on the 15th of February, 11AM GMT/ 6AM EST  

EG vs 100T (LCS)

  One of these two teams is dropping out of top three in this BO1. At 4-2, 100 Thieves have a pretty good record, but the teams they beat simply weren't very good. Their two losses came at the hands of the other two teams at the top of the table (FLY and C9), so this is the game that will show where 100T belong. As Montecristo pointed out in this week's Power Spike, are they simply the "gatekeepers", a 4th place team filled with experienced veterans that consistently beat the 5th to 10th teams, or they can actually duke it out with a top 3 team like Evil Geniuses? Twitch or Youtube on the 15th of February, 10PM GMT/ 5PM EST.  

T1 vs LSB

  This will be T1's last series of the First Round Robin. It should be a clean win to confirm the 8-1 record, but Liiv Sandbox have pulled a few surprises this split already. LSB only lost two series, versus Dplus Kia and GEN.g and, despite being  forced to three games frequently, they are looking much better than expected. T1 should still be the clear favourites, but they aren't an infallible team and they tend to make some questionable drafts and play around with their food when they get over-confident, so LSB definitely have a chance to create a three-way tie for first place to finish this first half of the LCK Spring Split. Twitch and Youtube on the 17th of February, 8AM GMT/ 3AM EST.  


  JD Gaming make another appearance in a very similar fashion. Invictus Gaming, much like EDG, are at the top of the LPL table with a very misleading roster. They beat mostly weak teams, with the exception of EDG, and dropped a 1-2 series against ThunderTalk Gaming which hasn't looked like a good squad. IG had their first taste of the "big-leagues" with their series against TES earlier today and were convincingly beaten by Rookie and co. Qingtian completely neutralized YSKM and, although IG won the second, Top Esports had a massive lead in all three games. Can they show a new dimension now that they've faced a strong opponent, or are the LPL's strongest opponents just a level above? Twitch and Youtube on the 18th of February, 7AM GMT/ 2AM EST  

SK vs TH (LEC)

  SK Gaming vs Team Heretics is perhaps the most unpredictable match in the LEC this upcoming week. SK did beat TH in the BO1 during the previous phase of the Winter Season, but BO3 are an entirely different ballpark and they were smashed by KOI. Team Heretics had a pretty decent showing versus Vitality, but given how poor that team looked in their series against KOI, it is hard to gauge how much of that was to TH's credit. Regardless of who you expect to win here, the pressure will be at an all time high with elimination on the line. Whoever loses this, is out until Spring Split kicks off, so it's all hands on deck now. Twitch and Youtube on the 18th of February, 5PM GMT/ NOON EST.  

T1 vs GEN (LCK)

  T1 are back with the first banger of the LCK's Second Round Robin. The rematch of the first series of the season is here, more exciting than ever. GEN.g have now had a full month to get their new roster in shape and T1 are starting to show some cracks in the previously impenetrable armor. What was a quick 2-0 win by T1 a few weeks ago should be a much closer affair now, first place of the region likely on the line. If nothing else, you'll get to see Faker vs Chovy, which is always an absolutely pleasure to behold. Twitch and Youtube on the 19th of February, 6AM GMT/ 1AM EST.  


  The weirdest banger of the week also comes from the South Korean region. If you watched this series in the first round robin and no other games from these teams you might be asking me "how much do you hate LSB?". Yes, I know, Dplus Kia absolutely dismantled Sandbox in the first week of the LCK, but things are much more  different now. Dplus kia have been looking extremely shaking since their loss versus T1 and Sandbox have been looking like a top 5 contender for 3 weeks straight. Don't get me wrong, Dplus are still massive favourites here, especially if Sandbox fall apart in their series against T1 earlier this week, but this isn't a done-deal at all. If Lucian/Nami are out of the draft and if Clozer can have one of his melee champs, Liiv Sandbox might just pull off a heist! Twitch and Youtube on the 19thth of February, 8:30AM GMT/ 3:30AM EST.  
Check out last week's ESH Seven for any bangers you might've missed! Follow the author @Mushwrites on Twitter.

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