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The ESH Seven- LoL games to watch 16/03/23- 21/03/23

Mush 2023-03-15 07:06:00
  Welcome back to this weekly feature from Esports Heaven, The ESH Seven. Every Tuesday we'll go over the most exciting matches to watch of the following week. We'll pick seven games from the four major regions, a game/series a day, to make the ridiculous amount of LoL there is available to watch easier to follow!  

T1 vs DK (LCK)

  ESH Seven
  • Rematch of the best match that happened this year.
  • T1's final hurdle for a 17-1 finish for the Split.
  • DK's chance to prove themselves as the main contender for the second LCK team heading to LCK.
  • Showmaker+Canyon vs Faker+Oner.
Twitch and Youtube March 16th at 8 AM GMT/ 3 AM EST.  


  • GEN's chance to tie DK for second place before their head-to-head later in the week.
  • HLE's last top 3 opponent of their gauntlet.
  • A rematch of a series that was closer than it likely should've back in week 2.
  • GEN have been looking vulnerable.
  • HLE played a very impressive series against T1 last week.
Twitch and Youtube March 16th 10:30 AM GMT/ 5:30 AM EST.  

TSM vs 100T (LCS)

  • Both teams are tied for 4th place.
  • Whoever loses might be out of playoffs.
  • TSM vs Doublelift+Bjergsen.
  • 100T demolished this matchup in the first round robin, but TSM have been looking considerably better since.
Twitch or Youtube March 16th 9 PM GMT/4 PM EST March 9th.  


  ESH Seven
  • EDG's last truly dangerous opponent of the Split.
  • With a win here, EDG will likely secure an undisputed first place in the LPL.
  • Despite their less than impressive record, OMG have played all the top teams extremely close.
  • OMG are fighting for 6th seed, which would put them in the second round of the LPL playoffs.
Twitch and Youtube March 17th 11 AM GMT/6 AM EST.  


  • The match that will decided top three in the LCK.
  • If GEN wins against HLE and DK loses against T1 (the expected outcomes), the teams will come into this series tied for second place.
  • This placement is extra important this year, as with the new LCK format the first two seeds get a bye to Round 2 of Playoffs, which means double-elimination.
  • Chovy+Peanut vs Showmaker+Canyon.
  • Yes, the ESH Seven might be LCK-biased.
Twitch and Youtube March 18th at 8:30 AM GMT/ 3:30 AM EST.  


  • The two undefeated teams of the first week of LEC meet. SK, the positive surprise of the Winter Split have come out swinging, but their competition hasn't been the best.
  • Vitality are looking like the scariest roster of the LEC on paper, so this will be SK's true first test of the Split.
  • The addition of Upset has turned VIT into the super-team they should've been.
  • Kaiser has been performing much better, Upset hasn't skipped a bit despite not playing during Winter Split.
Twitch and Youtube March 18th 8 PM GMT| 3 PM EST  

G2 vs VIT (LEC)

  • The two strongest roster of the LEC meet early this time.
  • VIT imploded last Split, but the roster change seems to have fixed their issues.
  • Bo and Photon haven't lost their incredible form, Perkz is Perkz and Upset brought new life to Kaiser.
  • G2 don't have much to play for this season and have already dropped a game, but this won't be the game  they play around in.
  • Top/Jungle duos will be a very interesting matchup to watch between these two teams now that the VIT bot lane isn't a liability.
Twitch and Youtube March 18th 9 PM GMT| 4 PM EST  
Images courtesy of Leaguepedia. Check out last week's ESH Seven for any bangers you might've missed! Follow the author @Mushwrites on Twitter.

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