TI10 Fantasy Guide: Groupstage Day Three

DreXxiN 2021-10-08 01:59:28
  TI10 Day Three brings us mid-way through the groupstages and as competition intensifies, so does our battle to farm more fantasy points. Let’s see what we have in store for tomorrow. As a general thumb rule, always bet on players/teams that play the most number of games and in this case, the following teams play the maximum number of games on Day Three:  
  • Evil Geniuses
  • Team Aster
  • Alliance
  • T1
  • Thunder Predator
  • Team Undying
  Each of the listed above teams play six games each so our player cards should be prioritized around them. Let’s try to find out which player will be the best fit. My Fantasy draft picks for tomorrow:  
  • Core: Arteezy
  • Core: Monet
  • Support: DuBu
  • Support: Whitemon
  • Midlane: Bryle
  Arteezy is a MUST HAVE since he’s averaging the most among all candidates tomorrow followed by Monet in second place. Others don’t even come close DuBu and Whitemon make it to my list of the support-duo for tomorrow. Both these players are a sure shot way to farm up fantasy points. This one was a tough choice but I went with Bryle, not because his fantasy points are inflated but due to the fact that I have an excellent GOLD card with solid bonuses to go along with it. Valve gives update on TI10 being canceled, how DPC will return Alternatives: It was a difficult choice between Karl and White Album, for midlane, as the latter missed the first day of groupstages owing to ill-health but I do believe he will yield better results even though Karl averages more in fantasy points. However, to be on the safer side, I’ll go with Karl.\
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As for supports, the next best options are Moonmeander and Fly, both averaging better than the rest. The next best option is Borax. The only better option next to Arteezy and Monet is Timado while the rest are far apart and thus I have only one better alternative here. You can always bet on Nikobaby though. One more important point to note are the bonuses via the Gold/Silver cards. Check them out below:
Carry Mid Offlane Soft Support Hard Support
Tower kills / 18.4 Runes grabbed / 17.1 Teamfight / 18.5 Stuns / 18.8 Obs wards / 38.2
Deaths / 14.1 Kills / 13.8 Deaths / 15.5 Obs wards / 18.4 Teamfight / 13.2
Kills / 14.0 Teamfight / 13.0 Stuns / 13.4 Teamfight / 14.8 Camps stacked / 10.9
Teamfight / 12.3 Deaths / 12.4 Kills / 12.9 Camps stacked / 11.0
Stuns / 10.1 Deaths / 10.1
  You can track the source of fantasy points here. Select your cards accordingly as not all Gold/Silver cards without proper bonuses can yield good returns. Have a nice day ahead folks, happy farming.
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