TI10 Fantasy Guide: Main Event, Day One

DreXxiN 2021-10-11 01:10:01
  The TI10 groupstage has concluded and it’s time for the main event to begin at The Arena Nationala. Tomorrow will feature two sets of Upper Bracket matches - each being a best of three series - and four sets of Lower Bracket matches - each being a best of one. As usual, we will discard the lower bracket elimination series and focus on the upper bracket for obvious reasons. As a general thumb rule, always bet on players/teams that play the most number of games and in this case, the following teams play the maximum number of games on Day Four:
  • Invictus Gaming vs Team Spirit
  • OG vs Team Secret
Let’s try to find out which player will be the best fit. Best averages for tomorrow:  
Core Support Midlane
Average Average Average
Matumbaman 15.42 Yapzor 17.20 Nisha 16.31
Zai 10.94 Puppey 11.40 Topson 15.04
Sumail 18.21 Notail 11.45 Emo 19.25
Ceb 10.20 Saksa 14.15 Torontotokyo 15.68
Flyfly 15.57 Oli 11.96
JT- 11.99 kaka 15.29
Yatoro 15.58 Miposhka 13.48
Collapse 11 Mira 11.53
  My Fantasy draft picks for tomorrow:
  • Core: Sumail
  • Core: Matumbaman
  • Support: Yapzor
  • Support: Saksa
  • Midlane: Nisha
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First things first, both series tomorrow are difficult to say the least. You never know which series will go to a full three games but we need to make a choice nonetheless. I expect OG Esports vs Team Secret to go the extra mile and regardless of the outcome, I am hopeful that this series comes down to the last game. That’s the only reason behind my player drafts for tomorrow since both these teams are quite familiar with each others’ playstyle unlike Team Spirit who will be up against Invictus Gaming.   Alternatives:  
  • Core: Sumail
  • Core: Flyfly
  • Support: Yapzor
  • Support: kaka
  • Midlane: Emo
  The alternatives can be seen above and as evident, it is a relatively mixed draft that tends to lean on the safer side of things; non-volatile. This is especially important if both series are a one sided affair. One more important point to note are the bonuses via the Gold/Silver cards. Check them out below:
Carry Mid Offlane Soft Support Hard Support
Tower kills / 18.4 Runes grabbed / 17.1 Teamfight / 18.5 Stuns / 18.8 Obs wards / 38.2
Deaths / 14.1 Kills / 13.8 Deaths / 15.5 Obs wards / 18.4 Teamfight / 13.2
Kills / 14.0 Teamfight / 13.0 Stuns / 13.4 Teamfight / 14.8 Camps stacked / 10.9
Teamfight / 12.3 Deaths / 12.4 Kills / 12.9 Camps stacked / 11.0
Stuns / 10.1 Deaths / 10.1
  You can track the source of fantasy points here. Select your cards accordingly as not all Gold/Silver cards without proper bonuses can yield good returns. Have a nice day ahead folks, happy farming.
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