TI12 China Qualifiers: No surprises on Day 1

EsportsHeaven 2023-08-18 05:50:00

The International (TI12) China qualifiers have begun and as expected, there weren't any surprises in store on Day 1. TI12 China qualifiers consist of notable teams like Team Aster, Invictus Gaming, Xtreme Gaming, Azure Ray, etc. and the first day saw most of these teams proceed to the next round with ease.  

TI12 China Qualifiers

  The first day saw Limit being eliminated from The International 2023 race after a loss in their best-of-one against Invictus Gaming.Vitality in the lower bracket round 1. Team Aster made quick work of Team Zero as did Xtreme Gaming who were pitted against Aster.Aries. Similarly, Invictus Gaming too did well against Holy Grail in two quick games whereas Azure Ray had a tough time against Team Bright despite managing to secure a victory in a full best-of-three series. The winners proceed to the next round in the TI12 China qualifiers upper bracket whereas the losers will get a chance at redemption in the lower bracket. The International 2023 Schedule Format  

Stats Attack from Day 1 of the TI12 China Qualifiers

  Let's get to the good part! Emo has officially been part of Invictus Gaming for almost 5 years now. Oh, and he also had some sick stats on Phantom Assassin that saw the grail being dropped on team Holy Grail. There was no stopping the beast. Sumail and Monet amassed a combined score of 40 kills in their series against Team Zero as Team Aster sailed through to the next round. Li Longwu's stellar performance on Brewmaster going 14-0 secured a sweet victory for Invictus Gaming.Vitality. Will there be an Invictus vs. Invictus showdown? Well, let's hope for the best, for nothing is impossible when it comes to the TI12 China qualifiers. Azure Ray had a tough time against Team Bright but on the back of Fy's impeccable game prowess, AR managed to breeze through the rough waters and live to fight for another day. However, AR don't seem to be clicking that well to be honest. You can find the schedule and format for TI12 China qualifiers here. Rest, you can find it here.
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