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TI9 Fantasy Guide: Day Two, by a top guesser

KarY 2019-08-15 03:43:09
  TI9 Fantasy Guide: Day Two, by a top guesser   You also stand a chance to win up to $5, 000, 000 in our official coverage partner -- Estars' Free to Play contests! So hurry up and check out their website for more info. Hey everyone, welcome back and get yourselves ready for another day of picking cards and being at the top of Dota fantasy for TI9. Yesterday we took a look at the averages throughout the season to make our picks but today we will mix in day one’s stats and season averages. On top of all that, instead of breaking it down by position I am going to break down my list by each team playing the most series on day two which includes EG, Infamous, NaVi, NiP, OG, and Vici Gaming. Let us look at each teams and each player’s season averages and TI averages: Evil Geniuses:                         Arteezy - 14.69 (8)                         Sumail - 15.09 (13.9)                         S4 - 10.13 (10.6)                         Crit- - 11.13 (11.8)                         Fly - 15.30 (15.40)               Infamous:                         K1 - 12.82 (7.7)                         Chris Luck - 13.44 (7.2)                         Wisper - 11.32 (7.5)                         Scofield - 10.64 (9.3)                         Stinger - 10.29 (11.2)               NaVi:                         Crystallize - 12.93 (16.4)                         MagicaL - 14.73 (17.8)                         Blizzy - 10.44 (9.3)                         Zayac - 12.20 (14.9)                         SoNNeikO - 15.74 (18.6)                          NiP:                         Ace - 14.78 (14.8)                         Fata - 14.39 (10.2)                         33 - 11.61 (10.5)                         Saksa - 13.04 (13.8)                         Ppd -14.67 (17.3)             OG:                         Ana - 14.49 (13.70)                         Topson - 12.76 (15.6)                         7ckngMad - 11.25 (13.3)                         Jerax - 12.00 (12.00)                         N0tail - 13.40 (16.20)             Vici Gaming:                         Paparazi - 15.03 (19.4)                         Ori - 14.01 (19.2)                         Yang - 11.09 (17.1)                         Fade - 11.82 (11.8)                         Dy - 14.43 (19.3)   With these season averages it looks like there are a few players who stand out and I believe we can make a squad that will get us to the top once again. To get an even more updated view visit here. It'll give you a more in depth look at how each player is doing on that particular day in fantasy points.   MY PICKS FOR DAY TWO!!!   As I said earlier and yesterday, I try to keep my lineup as diverse as possible but for today’s lineup I am going to use players listed below. For cores, I am going for Paparazi & Arteezy. These two players are very consistent, play aggressive, and are quite reliable when it comes to getting fantasy points. Unfortunately, I only have a Paparazi silver card at the moment but I am happy to use it with my gold Arteezy having +15% for kills and teamfight, +5% for GPM while Paparazi has+5% for kills and +15% for deaths. For mid, I am going with another very consistent player, SumaiL. Despite his TI  average being lower than his season average at the moment, I think he will bounce back after a slow start. The stats on his card are also giving me a great boost with +10% on GPM, +20% on runes grabbed, and finally +20% for stuns. While EG had a slow start on day one they usually pick up as the days go by so I have faith in SumaiL. For supports, I have two great gold cards for two great players. Firstly, I will be going with another Vici Gaming player who I trust to get involved and continue to put up a great amount of points, and that is Dy. With him I am putting a big playmaker in Fly! These two players are towards the top in points after only playing two series so with them having three series tomorrow I believe that they have an opportunity to put up quite a lot of points.   So our lineup is as follows: Papparazi Arteezy SumaiL Dy Fly   Disclaimer!: Today is a high risk lineup using only two teams but that is because the other options I am not as confident in. You could swap Arteezy out for an Ana card if you have one that has better stats as this will give you the diversity that I usually try to stick to and less risk. I did make a last minute switch from Ana to Arteezy because I opened a gold card with better stats then my silver Ana card. If you don’t have these options you could play it safe with three teams or go with more risk using only two. Any questions feel free to ask in the corresponding Reddit thread.  
If you would like to know more about my work, you can follow me at KarY. You can head over to our Dota 2 hub for more content.

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