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KarY 2021-03-19 08:00:59
In today’s online era, it’s essential for any company in the gaming business to utilize and actively incorporate content creators based on the immense value that they can provide. While professional gamers can only provide value in a limited capacity, a content creator can fit in and provide immense value outside of only their performance in tournaments, leagues and other organized competitions. “Very important. They are the stars of the present and future”, says Marco Mereu, co-owner of XSET Gaming, as they sign Avori Henderson, a former beauty pageant model turned gamer, content creator and philanthropist who chose to follow her passion for gaming and walked away from a promising modelling career to create original and unique content. Not long ago, Justin Jacobson, Manager of the newly minted Gaming and Esports Division of Ford Models Inc. spearheaded an arrangement that saw popular Call of Duty player and streamer, Drew “Frozone” Bienusa, sign an exclusive deal with XSET Avori’s partnership with XSET makes her the first female gamer from Ford Models Gaming division to have signed a deal worth five figures. “While the exact specifics cannot be disclosed, it is a very fair and balanced five figure deal,” says Jacobson. “It provides her with ample opportunity to grow with the organization and that she feels comfortable with.” This partnership significantly provides another element and ingredient to Avori as she now has a reputable organization incorporating her in their content plans and helping her grow her personal brand with their production team. It also aligns with the company’s vision of building a diverse line-up. “XSET was looking to expand on its mission of greater diversity and inclusion in gaming and felt Avori was a great fit given her commitment to women in gaming and her sizable audience – powered by a pop gaming culture that speaks to today’s gamers,” Mereu adds. Avori has an extensive following on Facebook, Twitch and other social media platforms, and is also a beacon of empowerment for women in gaming. However, this also paved way to a few doubts being raised on our minds.  What were the key factors that drove XSET’s interest in working together with Avori and the demography they were expecting to reach through her? “Avori has cultivated an active Facebook gaming community as well as on other platforms such as Instagram and Tik Tok. All the while, one of her most important pillars has been equality and fighting toxicity against women in gaming,” Jacobson continues. “Being that XSET is very aware of these issues and was created with the intent to foster equality and acceptance among gamers, the organization’s core values aligned perfectly with Avori’s mission and goals.” Mereu adds, “XSET recognizes the vast gamer base comprising women playing all types of games. Avori’s audience on Facebook and her rapid growth were key factors in driving our interest in working together”. 
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Not only will Avori be able to be part of the extensive network and community that XSET has, XSET will also be able to be introduced and integrated into her community so that each party can grow and benefit from their association. Support from XSET will provide Avori with the resources to continue to grow her audience and message of positivity for female gamers. The credit behind this successful endeavour goes to Justin Jacobson, the man responsible for closing the deal. He played a pivotal role representing Avori and opening a line of communication with the ownership group to ascertain their goals and interests, and to identify the types of talent that might fit their long term plans. “When I heard their goals and how they are trying to work both with professional gamers as well as content creators, we knew that the organization might be a perfect fit for Avori,” Jacobson continued. “At that point, it was me being able to connect the parties, Avori and Marco, to speak with each other and get an idea of how something might look. Then, it is just negotiating the final details and getting the show on the road.” Everything is well that ends well and for Avori, XSET and Ford Models, it is nothing short of a beautiful beginning. Avori herself is delighted to share her view, “I’m so excited to be joining XSET as I know their goals and values align with my own. Three years ago, I set out to be an influencer and role model for women as I took on the endeavors of the gaming industry. I’m so thankful for the Ford Gaming division and my agent Justin, for their belief in me to be and do amazing things. I know my partnership and involvement with XSET will lead to amazing content, collaborations, and help us inspire women!”
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