Yopaj on Neon’s splendid performance at the Major

KarY 2021-04-23 01:09:47
  Yopaj sat down with Esports Heaven for a quick interview post ONE Esports Singapore Major and talks about the performance of Neon at the major, the mindset and more.  
  Hi there, thanks for taking your time for this interview, congratulations again on your amazing run at the Major. Let’s start with talking about the Major. Could you share with us how the team atmosphere was like after Day 1 of the group stage? How did you handle your emotion after that? After Day 1 of the groups I felt a little bit sad and exhausted. But I still remained optimistic as we knew we had a chance to comeback in Day 2. How much did you understand Deth as a player and what was the plan for his role in this tournament? I knew that Deth was a stable offlaner because I always play with him a lot in pubs. With regards to his role it was more about Deth and Skem planning things out. I'm more focused on just playing with him. Did you guys expect to finish top 6 before coming into this tournament? What do you think are the factors that contributed to your amazing run? I didn't really expect us to finish top 6 because we only had little time to practice before the Major. We just focused on doing our best to achieve whatever we can achieve. We just kept a positive mindset that we can beat the teams.

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Game 3 versus Team Secret was anyone’s game until the very last moment, unfortunately you guys didn’t get the victory, but you have certainly won a lot of fans for yourself. Could you share with us your biggest take away or lesson from the series? I learnt that our team can beat one of the strongest team in the world. It gave us a lot of confidence. Is there any moment of regrets during the tournament? If you could go back in time, what would you have done differently in this tournament? None. I think me and the team did everything we could in the tournament. It's hard to pinpoint what we could've done differently. How did it feel to be competing in a LAN again after so long? Was there any moment that you really liked in this tournament? It was great to finally experience a LAN. It brings back the excitement in the team. The moment we faced Team Secret was the most memorable one for me. It was our first time to face GIANTS and I was happy and excited to play against them. Is there any team that you like watching them play in this tournament besides your own team? Why is that? PSG.LGD because they have different playstyles which is interesting to watch.
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