FM LoL Change Two

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After pulling a roster together for the most recent iSeries, the FM eSports team have decided to stick together but have made two changes to the squad who came 2nd at the weekend.

They came into the event seeded 3rd and managed to pull out a 2nd place finish after being narrowly beaten by a Perilous Rift team who were looking on fire. With a number of rumours circulating at the event, it was clear that roster changes were coming as they had 4 players who main top lane in the team. Despite having 4 people who main top lane, they've decided to only make 2 changes. This means that they were clearly happy enough with his performance in the mid lane that he'll be permanently switching to the mid lane.

The first change is to add in Harri "Shifthaz" Waski. He has been proclaimed as the best AD Carry in the UK by many but has never had a chance to showcase his stuff on the main stage. He'll be replacing Mancastle who was subbing in for the event. The second change is the removal of Dan "Das" Evans who will most likely be making a switch to another UK team in the coming days. The player who will be taking his spot is Daniel "Dan" Hockley. He's the old k1ck eSports jungler who would've been in the LCS Qualifiers if not for the late sign-up to the ranked 5s team.

Here's a statement from Jamie "Tundra" Duthie:

After seeing the teams that were attending i50 me and Bolt made the decision to try and put together a mix and maybe setup a UK team for the future. From the beginning of the discussion to the night before i50 9 different players rotated around until we settled for the roster of Me, Krisso and Bolt with Das playing an offrole and Mancastle as a last minute sub.

After achieving Top 2 and almost taking the event with 2 subs we made the decision to persue the team further and with this I would like to welcome Dan and Shifthaz to the roster.

With this new roster we are confident we can consistently place top 2 at any UK event and we are proud to be representing such a well established and sucessful org in FM eSports and look forward to continue representing them in the future.

Thank you to our sponsors Sapphire, Razer, AMD, Multiplay and TwitchTV.

This is how the roster looks:

Jamie "Tundra" Duthie - Top Laner

Daniel "Dan" Hockley - Jungler

Kris "Krisso" Thuesen - Mid Laner

Harri "Shifthaz" Waski - AD Carry

Chris "B0lt" Bowden - Support

Interesting changes, will be great to see in the upcoming events in the turn of the new year!
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