CSGO HM Awards: Commentator Of The Year

RichardLewisRichardLewis 2014-01-15 19:36:28

Now this award... This one didn't half cause some debate and discussion. There were so many multiple votes across multiple games, it almost made us think about dividing the award up either by game, or by role (play-by-play and colour commentary). There was even a consideration of how frequently people worked, some people seemingly never sleeping, others turning up for one event and knocking it out the park. In the end, with time a factor, we decided that was an issue for another year but appreciate that the person who wins this award must truly be the king of kings given how hard everyone fought for their choices.

In the end, our winner probably edged it by virtue of the fact that he straddled two top competitive titles in 2013 as opposed to one, even if he is more readily associated with his newer game than the one that made him famous. He is a veteran, despite his cheeky little face masking the years he has put in to the game. His mastery of hsi craft has continued to develop and he has now transitioned into a much broader role than just play by play. Capable of acting as an on-screen host, even undertaking interviews, he has a mastery of language few casters, even the elite ones, come close to. He is probably also one of the funniest out there, delivering "puns of damage" that the late Richard Whiteley would be proud of.

So, our congratulations go to Joe Miller of Turtle Entertainment for his work in both CS:GO and League of Legends.

Yeah Fair play was really well deserved
good choice.
I love Joe, have watched him since his start, but I don't think I would have given him #1. Partly because he is already well known and I think part of what should make Caster of the Year is also based upon improvement and the ability to bring unknown people into the game. This is where Joe fails for me. I watch him and try to get into LoL but they just can't break it down easy enough for me to get into.

Anders would have been a great one or maybe Apollo. My pick would have been for Anders and how much he opened not only CSGO and brought cs back to the limelight, he also did extremely well at DHW replacing the other notable casters to cast the finals. He is energetic and can help break the game down for new viewer and engage them enough that they keep coming back.
Redeye was better for me in CS:GO tbh, and tosspot's job at DHW was amazing. Can't say Tosspot beats Miller throughout the year, but Redeye does imho.
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