LoL NiP Management Explain "Racist" Screenshots

RichardLewisRichardLewis 2014-03-23 17:58:02

For a few days now screenshots of two players from the Ninjas In Pyjamas team using racist and anti-Semitic language have been circulating on various social media outlets. In one NiP's support player Alfonso "mithy" Aguirre Rodriguez uses a racial epithet and in the other Erlend "Nukeduck" Vtevik Holm makes reference to gassing Jewish people. Naturally the community who have seen the offending screenshots have reacted with outrage.

The screenshots themselves were originally posted in a Reddit thread where it the temperament of the players was being discussed. They were used as examples of their typical solo-queue behaviour. However, the screenshots themselves do not come from solo-queue but rather from private games where the players had invited those who wanted to take part. The players have said privately that the screenshots were simply "a joke", an extreme example of vulgar behaviour that was meant to parody the typical solo-queue competitor. They have also expressed their disappointment that someone would have leaked screenshots of private conversations into the public domain.

This hasn't spared them an internal backlash. Their management team, who had already gone through a tumultuous time of late with other controversy and the changing of their CEO Niklas Fischier, have moved quickly to discipline the pair. They released the following statement:

"We feel that the screenshots, taken out of a custom game, have been blown out of proportion and were posted with malicious intent towards the players in question. However we in Ninjas in Pyjamas do not condone such behaviour from our players and they have been reprimanded accordingly. We expect our players to behave like the pillars of the professional community that they should strive to be."

Whether or not any further disciplinary action from Riot will be forthcoming is yet to be seen. With the team currently competing in the Coke Zero Challenger Series there is still a chance that Riot might want to discipline the players further. In the past such language and behaviour has carried penalties, especially where professional players are concerned. We have reached out for comment from Riot but as of yet have not heard anything back.

What happened to Niklas?
yeah, that's kind of bad. But still, people need to grow up and stop whining.
They need to grow up and stop "whining" about people being racist? How is that okay?
Because they're just words on a monitor. If you can't handle inappropriate language in 2014, you probably shouldn't be on the internet.
this happens to me in every game... why should riot discipline them? wasn't it just a custom game between probably subscribers etc? i think people should take a step back and stop making so much fuss out of nothing. riot should fix euw and not bother about this at all.
Riot should work on fixing the huge DDOS problem.
ahh, the usual banter Kappa
I think that Nukeduck was a bit overdone.

But look at Mithy. They first put him down and call him a cocksucker. Thats an entire room of them against him. (QQ'ing about an LCS player) So they first get a rise out of him.. and then once he retaliates, they post the screenshots. Pretty cheap if you ask me.

That said, I think that they did the same and got a rise out of Nukeduck as well. The entire conversation log isn't posted. Who knows what they said first to piss him off? This is like only getting one side of the story.
doesnt count as an excuse for misbehaving like that in my opinion - especially if you are in a position like they are.
How would getting a rise out of someone warrant them being up to call them the N-word? Black or not still not ok.
I used to like Mithy, but being an anti-fascist has made me disappointed in him. Joke or no joke it's still being racist.
how is it still racist? what if I sat in my living room with a friend or relative and decided to do an off beat impression of an edl member and said "fookin paki's" or "muslamic ray guns" taking the piss, but some how it was recorded and leaked.

the only reason the fine should stand is because they can't prove the context undoubtely, but assuming they could it's not racists.
this happens to me in every game... why should riot discipline them? wasn't it just a custom game between probably subscribers etc? i think people should take a step back and stop making so much fuss out of nothing. riot should fix euw and not bother about this at all.
It's even worse if they do it to subs, because it's most likely on a stream in front of hundreds of people. That affects the look of the league pro scene and the league community. Racism deserves to be made a fuss over.
So a bunch of "jewish niggers" got pissed off. LIKE FREAKIN WOW GET A GRIP! On a serious note. We wouldn't have racism if people didn't deliberately try to fight something that does not exist. Different races and ethnic groups do not tend to tolerate each other naturally. Let me explain what I mean. Lets say white people are lions, black people are tigers, asian people are pumas and etc. All of the above mentioned animals are cats but they are all different species. Same thing with races, we're all people but we're also different species. Natural suspicion towards every race is normal. Thats the truth and there is no point denying it. And than again we people put a lot of meaning into words. But "nigger" is a variation of the word "negro" wich means black and yes black people are black. So what? We made it some sort of a taboo if not worse to say specific words. And the guys from NiP are just young guys. It's immature to use those words as sort of an insult, but it wouldn't be an insult if we didn't make it one. So instead of posting a completely pointless topic that will just bring further tension between different ethnic groups, ,about how some dudes used "nigger" as an offense, do something useful with your time Mr. Journalist. Leave the guys be guys. It's really not a big deal. And besides lets agree, nobody is really fond of jews... They are just a very interesting nation that happens to somehow be quite the dodgy one.
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