Starcraft Kung Fu Cup S2 Qualifiers Live

ploguidic3ploguidic3 2015-08-10 15:50:25

Update: To avoid conflicting with "Hell it's Aboot Time" the Global Qualifier has been moved to August 29th at 15:00 UTC

The second season of the 2015 Kung Fu Cup is approaching, and sign ups are now live for players wishing to compete. As with last season eSports Heaven will be handling the global and Korean qualifiers while SCBoys will be handling the Chinese qualifier. The global qualifier will allow three non-Korean players to qualify, and the Korean qualifier will allow three Koreans to qualify. The Chinese qualifier will allow the top four players to qualify! Eligibility is determined by citizenship and not by residency. Further information and full rules are avalible on the sign up pages!

Korean Qualifiers - August 19th 20:00KST - Sign up here

Global Qualifiers - August 29th 15:00 UTC - Sign up here

Chinese Qualifier - August 20th 19:00 China Standard Time - Sign up here

Any player with a Diamond league account or higher is welcome! For any questions feel free to contact me @ploguidic3

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