Starcraft WCS 2016 Unveiled

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In terms of eSports, there are few names that mean more historically than StarCraft. Despite the games longevity, many fans feared the worse when World Championship Series of Starcraft 2 was not announced alongside similar Hearthstone and Heroes of the Storm tournament circuits. Yet fears were allayed today when Blizzard announced the 2016 World Championship Series.'

WCS Format Infographic via Blizzard

The new event will feature two Korean seasons consisting of the Global StarCraft II League and the SpoTV StarLeague which will be played out side. The winners of each season will get the chance to play each other in a finals touranment at the end of each season.

Outside of Korea WCS Premier League will be replaced by three WCS Circuit Championships which will seed players via Challenger leagues that will be run in the six most competitive non-Korean regions: China, North America, Latin America, Europe, Taiwan, and South East Asia.

The soft region locking from 2015 will remain in place, allowing Korean players with visas to compete in international WCS events. The WCS and Korean circuits will also be complemented by open global events that allow players from all regions including Korea to participate.


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