Starcraft PartinG to Zenith of Origins

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eSports heaven has learned that that Won “PartinG” Lee Sak has been signed to Zenith of Origin, a Chinese team that includes top players such as Huang “TooDming” Huiming. The signing to Zenith of Origin comes hot on the heels of a highly successful one year tour with the Taiwanese team Yoe Flash Wolves.


PartinG competing at the MLG 2013 Winterchampionship
Photocredit to Kevin "Silverfire" Cheag

PartinG had previously played for Team StarTale before signing a high profile contract with top Korean outfit SK Telecom T1. Despite the high salary PartinG chose not to continue with SKT1 after his contract expired, citing a dislike for living and playing within the KeSPA system. Despite the lower salary, PartinG has stated that he prefers playing on teams that give him the freedom to travel and compete, claiming he "grew up in the wild", but SKT1 continue to hold PartinG's Proleague rights, making it unlikely he will be able to play in Prologue as a mercenary for one of the KeSPA teams.

With the addition of PartinG ZoO's full professional roster will be:

  • Won “PartinG” Lee SaK
  • Huang “TooDming” Huiming
  • Lyu “Sakya” Tiecheng
  • Zhai “Zycart” Yichen
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