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Chronobreak ep.5: Worlds 2018 Semifinals Recap and Finals Predictions

Izento 2018-11-01 03:57:29
  Nothing like a glass of fine wine, because that's what was produced after those stomps. Both Fnatic and Invictus Gaming showed us just how much they can turn it up, both semifinal matches being 3-0, which makes for an exciting finals. Our very own Drexxin makes an appearance in episode 5, along with Izento and Jonathan Yee to discuss semifinals and what to look out for in the finals from these two teams.

Chronobreak is a podcast brought to you by Esports Heaven where personalities discuss previous games played and the teams performances. This podcast features author Drexxin @ESHDrexxin, Izento @ggIzento and Jonathan Yee @dzhonyee

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