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North American LCS Season 9

Stevejay2 2019-02-11 01:32:59
TSM Smoothie" TSM was more of a comeback story
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TSM have ended Week 3 going 0-2. TSM might be looking down the barrel of a tight playoffs race if things don't turn brighter for the team.



Licorice Interview on coaching for top laners
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Esports Heaven spoke with Cloud9 top laner Licorice about his game against Echo Fox, his thoughts on the fountain dive, the TP changes, the bounty system and the difference between what a coach is responsible for and where the natural skills of a top laner must come from.



Darshan Interview on recent LCS performances
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Esports Heaven got the chance to speak with CLG's top laner Darshan about the game against Clutch Gaming, using TP effectively, criticism against him, Biofrost as a shotcaller and his time as president so far.




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