StarCraft Casting Icon Weighs In On Stormgate Beta

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Recently, a Starcraft 2 veteran weighed in on the Stormgate beta. And he had quite a bit to say, both good and bad. Dan "Artosis" Stemkoski is a legendary Starcraft and esports commentator.  With his experience in StarCraft 2, Artosis is a pundit who is likely to assist in guiding feedback for Stormgate.  Here is a summary of this legend's thoughts on the Stormgate open beta. 
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StarCraft 2 Compared To Stormgate

  With over 80 Infernal Host games and nearly 60 games as Vanguard, Artosis weighs in on the Stormgate beta. Besides sharing a genre and some original developers, Stormgate and Starcraft 2 have quite a few similarities.  Both games come stock with multiple resources to manage and will feel familiar to veterans of the RTS space. Artosis mentioned that if you have experience with some of Blizzard Entertainment's catalogue of RTS games, you should feel right at home. He emphasised how quickly you can learn the core concepts of the game and how fun Stormgate is with little time invested. Stormgate is fun, that's obvious from Artosis's feedback.  However, comparisons to StarCraft 2 and Warcraft 3 can draw some paint points to Stormgate. 
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Stormgate Pain Points

  The Starcraft 2 veteran weighed in on the Stormgate beta, and it's pain points.  Artosis worried that account creation could create a negative ladder experience. With Stormgate being a free-to-play game, allowing players to create multiple accounts to abuse the ladder could be a problem. He cited trolling being a problem as it happens on the StarCraft: Brood War matchmaking ladder. Artosis also gave pointed feedback on the unit collision that could be improved. He cited late-game Infernal Host units and armies as a pain point. While Stormgate is often compared to other veteran RTS games, Artosis was very glad there were no heroes in the game.  "I feel like if there were heroes [Stormgate] would be very deathball-y. Whereas we're starting to see people split armies up which is always what you want to see in an RTS," Artosis explained.  He hopes to see experimentation on map sizes on the Stormgate ladder. Artosis would love to see more than just 2 player maps on the ladder on Stormgate. This adds early game complexity and depth.  This makes the start of the game a better user and viewer experience.  The auto-build feature didn't seem to have a logic and Artosis viewed this as "non-intuitive" and felt like a trap more often than not. 
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But Is Stormgate Fun?

Artosis doesn't understand criticism of art style, he just wants to play more of the game. "I don't know, I think it's weird to make huge, huge value statements about the game." He thought the game is straightforward to pick up and is fun but had problems improving before Stormgate released.  Artosis weaved some balanced thoughts on how early the game is in development. While the term "beta" is often more of a marketing term, this felt more like a work in progress.  He waived a lot of the artistic and even some gameplay feedback and assumed much of the game would be refined in the coming months.  Overall, Artosis mentioned that Stormgate was super fun and he was glad the beta is continuing. But Jagged Maw has to go. Please. He's begging you, Frost Giant. 
Images via Blizzard Entertainment and Frost Giant Studios.

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